Vodafone UK joins Xperia Z2 pre-order party, throws in free TV

32-inch Bravia set offered with Sony's latest smartphone

Vodafone UK is the latest carrier to announce pre-order details for Sony's upcoming flagship phone, the Xperia Z2. The device is now available to pre-order from Voda, with launch day scheduled for April 10. As always, Vodafone offers a range of price plans, but the cheapest monthly contract offering a "free" Xperia Z2 is a £42 per month 3G plan with 1GB of data. Switching up to 4G, a £47 per month plan gets you 3GB and a free Z2.

And to sweeten the deal — for early customers, at least — Vodafone is offering a free 32-inch Sony Bravia Smart TV for the first 3,000 Xperia Z2 pre-order customers.

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  • Preordered mine at 8:50am this morning was hoping I will be one of the first 3000, however the T's & C's say its the first to register for the promotion beginning 8th May on Sony website - so it seems like it's not actually first 3000 preorders :/ - very confused.
  • I like the idea, but these type of promotions, akin to "the first 1000 TV's on America's starting at midnight Black Friday Christmas kick off sales" only result in mindless stampede behavior either causing severe injury or in the case of Google, Moto, Concert tickets, Burning Man festivals, crashed Web sites, to buyers who scalp the items for resale. It almost seems unfair or a waste of time, unless you believe you actually have the time to waste. At least in this case, one has to agree to a contract of some duration, I hope, to obtain the bonus.
  • We need real promos like this in the States!! Not some lousy headphone or speaker offer.
  • I agree! The last two preorder bonuses I got was a dock for the HTC One and a LG Quick Window case for the G2.
  • I got a free INCIPIO Dual Shine Pro Case for my G2 purchase. Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, that's constantly laughing at my wife's T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 with borked sdcard support on 4.4.2...
  • I got a rock -------------------------------------------
    You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you
  • Would it hurt Vodafone to do these promotions in all the countries they serve? I have tons of unused loyalty points from Vodafone that I never use precisely because there never are any decent promotions over here. Very annoying.
  • They could offer me 3 new tv's and a magic carpet I wouldn't stay on their network. Jumping ship as soon as poss. (Hanging on for M8) Posted via Android Central App
  • £42 per month for 1 gig of data? That can fuck right off. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm hoping for an att model with an unlocked bootloader.
    I know, it's a lot to ask for. Posted via Android Central App
  • Those headphones are bundled with the phone in the UK anyway so how is that a pre-order promotion from Clove, Handtec etc ? Also, they offer a 79 quid speaker, while if you order from Sony you get a 119 quid one... Seems a little dodgy