Vlingo introduces ActionBar and integrates with KAYAK, Fandango and Open Table

We're no strangers to the many uses of Vlingo around here and we love it when they email us lettings us know about all the new stuff they been working on. As described from within their press release, they've introduced a new feature with their latest release called Actionbar:

Vlingo will introduce a new feature called the “ActionBar,” that enables Android users to type or speak commands to do all of the things they would normally do with Vlingo.  Vlingo brings the same adaptation and predictive intelligence used for voice recognition to typed commands with the ActionBar, allowing users to initiate actions when it’s not as convenient speak to their phones – like on a noisy bus or quiet conference room.   In this release, Vlingo also has integrated with several consumer companies that will allow them to find available hotels, buy movie tickets and make dinner reservations - quickly, easily and safely.

Those companies referred to are KAYAK, Fandango and Open Table to be precise. The latest Vlingo Assistant is now available in the Android Market for devices 2.0 and above. Download and a video of the new offers is after the break.

  • So the video shows running with Vlingo is almost as good as the stock Andorid/Google search widget, other than it is much more limited to which companies it will work with? I don't understand why I would want this 3meg package on my phone to do what is already there less well than stock Google Voice search.
  • This works much better than the stock Google voice search and Google needs to takes some notes from Vlingo. When I try to do simple things like open maps or Google map, Google gives me the internet and Vlingo opens the map app like I wanted.
  • You just need to do it correctly: Speak: map (city, or address, or what ever) Problem solved. See http://www.google.com/mobile/voice-actions/
    also http://www.androidcentral.com/google-ups-ante-voice-search-all-new-voice...
  • I prefer Google Voice search for texts, but it never gets "call home." ever. it always goes to local business results. that's the only raeson i have vlingo installed - that's the only thing i really use voice apps for; texting and making calls. I don't know about the new version of Vlingo, but the old one didn't cut out the music if you had any playing when you wanted to speak.
  • Get the new market version of the Google Voice search. It has a Personalized recognition option that might help with "Call Home". It learns based on your corrections. Might help.
  • Actually, Google Voice Search was working better for me *before* their update. The simple "Call Home" stopped working.
  • Good story, but why ebonics? "lettings us know about all the new stuff they been working on"
  • "Cuz ebonics run dis! Dont front" Oh, i almost forgot... "FOO!"