VLC for Android updated with background playback for video, more

Also coming along with today's VLC update is a new look for the audio player, a new file browser, and a ton of other little tweaks like more Lollipop animations and under-the-hood changes. Here's the full breakdown of what's new and changed in VLC:

  • VLC now supports the background playback for video. Audio Delay control is also activated.
  • There is a new look in the audio player, in the side bar, a new Album View, an improved search behavior, more Lollipop effects, a simplified the video player controller and a new file browser.
  • On the backend, we fixed hardware acceleration for TS files, we support audio scrobblers, fixed SD cards browsing, added better logging and updated codecs.

Overall, this looks like a pretty nice update to an already fantastic app. If you'd like to snag the update and start jamming out to just the audio from your favorite season of Seinfeld (who could turn that down?), you can hit up the Google Play badge above to get started.