Vivo catches heat in Hong Kong over flaming phones

Vivo NEX 3
Vivo NEX 3 (Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Vivo has been banned from Hong Kong Air Cargo over a fire incident.
  • Images and videos shared on social media appeared to show pallets containing Vivo phones burst into flames.
  • Vivo is investigating the incident,

Vivo phones have been reportedly banned from a Hong Kong Air Cargo, a subsidiary of Hong Kong Airlines, following a fire at a Hong Kong airport this week as reported by Air Cargo World (via Android Authority). The ban also encompasses two other companies, logistics companies Cargo Link Logistics HK Co Ltd and Sky Pacific Logistics HK Co Ltd.

The fire was reportedly caused by a shipment of Vivo phones at the airport, with a pallet carrying the devices erupting into flames. It's not clear whether it was due to improper handling by the logistic companies, or a flaw in the phone themselves that caused the conflagration.

Android Authority reported on Vivo's response to the PR battle:

"We noticed that a shipment of goods, some of which were Vivo products, got burned on the parking apron of Hong Kong International Airport on April 11," Vivo told Android Authority in response to an emailed query. "We have paid high attention and immediately set up a special team to work closely with the local authorities to determine its cause," it added, saying it would keep the media and public informed of any developments.

Phones causing fire issues isn't a new thing, even the best Android phones use lithium batteries. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 most famously caused a PR issue for Samsung with its flammable tendencies. If Vivo's investigation can help the company pre-empt a similar issue for its own products, all the better.

Michael Allison