Vlingo SuperDialer

Vlingo has updated its popular Android application, and a new feature called SuperDialer makes a great app even better.  What SuperDialer does is allow you to make calls, or searches, or get directions based on what you are looking for, not what's in your address book.  Growing up, I had dreams about how mobile computing would be in the 21st century.  While we're not quite where I had hoped, and I'm not working for Spacely Sprockets, this is a push in the right direction.  We've got a video, some screenies of my own playing around useful testing, and a press release after the break.

To start off with, here's a video from the good folks at Vlingo showing it all off.  Have a peep.

YouTube link

Now stop and think for a second.  That's pretty darn cool.  One app just replaced my voice dialer, my yellow pages, my local search app, and my Google search widget -- and it's all wrapped up in a simple tap and speak package.  The only thing missing, is for my phone to call me sir in a sexy female robo-voice when I issue commands.  Maybe next update :)

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You know I had to try it out as soon as it hit the market.  And being the responsible, middle aged husband and father that I am, I needed to go to Sears and buy something shiny, metallic, and sharp.  But maybe I should call Sears to be sure that the newest shiny sharp toys are in stock.   So I tapped ye olde button --


And said (and I'll quote) "Call Sears."  Now, I don't really need to call Sears, They always have everything.  (BTW --You should see this years lawnmowers, they're sweet.) But I know there's more than one Sears around here, and I wanted to see what Vlingo did.  First it checked my contacts, but I don't have Mr. Sears or even Mr. Roebucks in my address book.  That's OK, Vlingo knows that Sears is a business, and lets me look at business listings, too.

Vlingo SpeedDialer1  Vlingo SpeedDialer 2

Hah.  Vlingo found 'em both.  And as a bonus, gives me the number right to the Auto Center as well, in case I need new truck tires.  I checked, they're good.  Now all that's left is to tap the listing, where I can choose to call, or get directions, or look it up on Google.  Schweeeet.

Vlingo SpeedDialer 3


Grab Vlingo on the Android Market

Vlingo QR

[Market link | AppBrain]

You've heard enough from me, let's see what the crew at Vlingo has to say, since they sent us a press release:


Vlingo Launches “SuperDialer” for AndroidTM Devices

Vlingo Unlocks the Cloud-based Phonebook


CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (July 15, 2010) – Vlingo Corporation, the world’s leading provider of intelligent voice applications that turn your words into action, today released a new feature for Android devices users called “SuperDialer.”


Vlingo’s original voice dialer connects users with people from a personal address book while SuperDialer expands on that functionality by accessing an infinite phone book to bridge a connection with any business, anywhere, anytime. This groundbreaking functionality can be accessed quickly and easily by using Vlingo’s Tap & Speak home screen widget. Doing so instantaneously unlocks reviews, ratings, maps and directions in addition to one-click calling.


“Consumers who have experienced the convenience and safety of Vlingo have asked for more ways to use it on the go,” said Dave Grannan, president & CEO at Vlingo. “Adding SuperDialer was a natural progression to the product.  With Vlingo, people no longer need to use a phone book, call 411 or search the web just to call a business. Instead you can just say what you want to do and we turn your words into actions.”


SuperDialer surpasses other voice dialing applications because it gives users the flexibility in how they access the information they need:


                    “Call Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami Beach”

                    “Call dentist”

                    “Directions to Fenway Park”


In addition to SuperDialer, Vlingo for AndroidTM can power most tasks on Android devices.  Users can simply press the “Vlingo widget” to:


                    send text and email messages

                    search the web using Google or Yahoo!

                    update Twitter status

                    open built-in and  3rd party applications

                    speak into any application with the Vlingo Everywhere voice keyboard

                    SafeReader – hear incoming text & email messages while you drive


Availability, Compatibility and Price

Vlingo is available for Android 2.x and above. U.S. users can download Vlingo on device from the Android Market.   Click here to see SuperDialer in action.


For a limited time only, Vlingo for AndroidTM is available for a one-time fee of $9.99.