Video Tour of T-Mobile myTouch 3G

Information regarding the T-Mobile myTouch 3G has begun to leak in anticipation of today's media event. We already got slides detailing pricing information, release dates, and all the itty bitty details of launch. Now we get a video showcasing the myTouch 3G and all of its 'personality'.

The video above was posted via T-Mobile's Youtube Channel and if you're interested in what the myTouch 3G can do, it's definitely worth a look. The most interesting thing to us is that the video never once mentions Android. It details all the Google apps but the word Android is strangely omitted. Perhaps, T-Mobile doesn't think Android is a big enough brand to sell a device on? It's definitely an interesting stance.

Instead, T-Mobile chose to hype the customizability of the myTouch 3G--you can personalize the back cover and add widgets to your liking, so that the 'myTouch 3G can be yours'. Right.

  • AT&T and verizon needs some android devices like this. I really would have love to see this on AT&T. Just from the video, it seems like a pretty nice phone.
  • Hmmm... how do non-t-mobile users get the Google search by voice? I have a Magic with Rogers, and I don't have that option.
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