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Verizon: Galaxy Tab 10.1 -- not the Galaxy S II (yet) -- has LTE

Update: Verizon Support has tweeted again (and again and again), saying it mistweeted and it's the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that has LTE, and it has no info on the Galaxy S II. Move along, folks.

Original story: Great news just keeps coming for the Samsung Galaxy S II as Verizon reveals that their model will support their 4G LTE network. Five million have been sold worldwide thus far without hitting the US market. Many US consumers are considering one, but the question of LTE support has remained unanswered until now. Today's announcement will give Verizon customers food for thought, as the Galaxy S II and LTE-toting Droid Bionic are both due for release around the same time.

Here's the Tweet from @VZWSupport:

Great news! The Samsung Galaxy SII will have 4G. ^LM

So now that it will be running on Verizon's blazing fast 4G LTE, who is going to get one? And perhaps more importantly, what kind of toll can we expect LTE, SuperAMOLED+ and a dual-core CPU to take on the device's battery?

Source: @VZWSupport via Android Central Forums

  • YEAAAA!!!!!!
  • Now we know it has 4G, but we also know it will be overpriced and have poor battery life. Soo....
  • So far, reviewers have shown the SG2 to have longer battery life than most Android phones. Prices are not out yet, so get your head out of your a^%s and keep an eye open.
  • CORRECTION! . . . They were talking about the TAB 10.1 lol . . . calm down folks
  • YEAAAA!!!!!!
  • It's funny how people have such a short memory when Samsung dangles something new & shiny in front of their face. Everyone was drooling over the OG Galaxy S phones even though past customers (Behold II, Moment, Intercept, etc.) warned them how Samsung & the carriers stopped supporting their devices after promising to continue to do so, but they bought them anyway because they fell for Samsung's promise to change. Next came the Froyo debacle on all the US Galaxy S phones (Vibrant, Epic, Captivate, & Fascinate) & how the Nexus phones were getting Gingerbread before even the first US carrier got Froyo to their Galaxy S. Now the Galaxy S2's are on their way & everyone is having nerdgasms again. Well, good luck, I say...but don't come on here b****ing when you have to flash ROMs just to get Ice Cream Sammich' in a reasonable amount of time. History proves that you will have to & until I see Samsung supporting their phones on the software end for A LONG TIME, I am steering clear of any Samsung phone.
  • and the Trolls emerge..
  • Remind us why YOU are concerned about what OTHERS are doing with THEIR money and THEIR phone choice...?! What you need to understand is that customers aren't mainly concerned that their phone has the latest update; they care if it works great for them out of the box. Only nerds and geeks are concerned about having the latest updates first. I know a good 2/3 of the smartphone owners do not know what version their phone is one without looking at the settings.
  • BUT those OTHERS are PROBABLY not READING this SITE along WITH us OTHER nerds AND geeks. What you need to understand is that those that read this site on a regular basis are here to read about new devices, apps, and policy changes being released. It's a good reminder as we read along and consider purchasing an item or recommending one to friends or family that a device from this maker may be out of date sooner than another. So while some might consider his a trollish post, it's actually a valid point to consider.
  • Cue the Bionic Trolls....
  • If u want a cheap feeling toy go right ahead
  • I'll take a cheap feeling unlocked superphone anyday over a locked down phone. Just saying plastic is fine on a phone the only ones who need a metal phone are those who can't keep a phone without dropping it a million times.
  • That would be this guy.
    The military lifestyle is not nice to plastic smartphones.
    The metal body of the Xoom on the other hand holds up really well to being dropped inside of an ALL STEEL HUMVEE, accidentally of course.
  • maybe the at&t version will have LTE. would be a great LTE launch phone.
  • Umm....doesn't AT&T need to actually *HAVE* LTE first?
  • well, at&t HAS LTE but it just hasn't had any devices yet. yes, its only in like 4 or 5 cities but it would still be cool. the HTC puccini has at&t LTE bands...
  • I WANT THIS PHONE NOW!!! i would really love to see the official bionic specs also (specifically processor and ram)
  • This is great news, now if only you can hook it up to a car battery... Ok sorry but I say the same thing about my EVO 3D
  • I am not sure its valid folks - awesome if it is.. but someone else asked on the twitter wall and his response got a link to the Galaxy Tab 4G.. lol.. reps these days :)
  • Why would anyone consider getting one without knowing when it'll be available?
  • b/c this could be verizon's first 4G LTE phone with a dual core processor. It may beat the bionic
  • Holla back, youngin. Can't wait to test these two bastards out. Feeling the bionic because I'm coming from an OG droid. Like the weight, and metal aspect. Not crazy about plastic. I'm also coming from a third OG DROID because it keeps breaking on me. Thank goodness for an extended manufacturers warranty.
  • Same, I'm on my third OGD too, lol. I have the Nexus S on the side though and a Galaxy Tab 10.1. So I'm strongly leaning towards the SGSII, I think Sammy makes great devices, even better than Motorola. That, and I really have given up on Moto unlocking the bootloaders on their devices, and I need openness.
  • Great news but I'm wanting more info on the Nexus Prime that Phil N. confirmed to be launching in the coming months on VZW. Check Rumored Devices section.
  • I am so in. My OG Droid is crawling compared to this, and I've been sitting on my upgrade.
  • I just had an erection blast through denim!
  • I think it would be a no brainer to have the S2 with 4G. Least verizon people know its coming. Still waiting for the sprint version leak.
  • Will it wear its BlING-BlING too?
  • I hope sprint's version had wimax.
  • Sprints does have wimax as it passed the FCC with wimax on board.
  • Thank you sir
  • Yeah, I can't find the original tweet anymore. And @VZWSupport just tweeted that they have no info available for the GSII. "No info available for Galaxy SII (not in our website). Galaxy Tab 10.1 will run on our 4G network ^AC" Pretty sure they "mistweeted". EDIT: Actually found the original tweet but I still think it was a mistake.
  • Imma sell my tb for this phone now!!!!!!!
  • If you think the TBolt gets bad battery life just wait for this phone! Holy crap possibly SuperAMOLED+ dual-core and LTE? LOL battery will last 45 minutes.
  • At least try to get more confirmation then VZWsupport before posting rumors as fact, they don't know anything about unannounced products anyways do they?
  • It was a mistake. VZWSupport VZW Support@ @ravenlore Clarification-I am speaking of the new Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 that is 4G. ^CB
  • To bad they will recommend that do all of your downloading with a computer so you don't hit your 2 gig data cap in about 5 days... Pretty much renders their LTE network useless, unless you are a rich of course.
  • They just posted:
    VZWSupport VZW Support
    @ravenlore Clarification-I am speaking of the new Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 that is 4G. ^CB Wow, almost gave up on the BIONIC there for a minute.
  • Yeah, i asked them if there might be a slider variant and they responded with info about the tab. I then asked for clarification.
  • Count me in! Bye bye BlackBerry Storm 2 and hello to Samsung Galaxy S II or on Verizon the Samsung Function. Unless Apple releases Iphone 5 with 4G... then I dunno.
  • apple already confirmed the iPhone 5 will not be 4G cause of bad battery with it. I think they are going to wait for the 6th version.
  • They are talking about a totally different conversation. They are talking about the tab, read the tweet from her below. The Samsung Galaxy S 2 will have LTE as confirmed by VZW. Read it again.
  • I doubt they "accidentaly" said the Tab 10.1 instead of the SGS2. Tab 10.1 and SGS2 are totally different and no way was it an accident. They are trying to hype something and I can guarantee that this phone WILL have LTE or it will be a flop.
  • The clarification post is in the same thread as a reply to the original question from "sparty-something" sounds like a rep oopsy... but i agree, to sift through them both it's a little confusing.
  • Don't believe it. Sorry.
  • And it should cost about $350 on contract.
  • We'll just wait and see.
  • Galaxy S 2 just passed the FCC. Looks like it will hit Sprint before Big Red. Will you jump ship? (they do have unlimited data still) You'll have to deal with WiMax instead of LTE (assuming there is LTE on vzw's sammy)
  • I can't speak for everyone here, but I don't think many people here would be on Verizon if they could get good, reliable data coverage on Sprint. I know I would go to Sprint in a heartbeat if they had coverage where I live.
  • +1 I would be with Sprint if their data coverage didn't suck here. I'm with VZW for the reliable network. It's just not worth it to me to save a couple $ to have to carry around a phone that doesn't work everywhere I go. I'm grandfathered into unlimited data on Verizon anyway, so the Unlimited benefit of Sprint is a non issue.
  • is it really unlimited? i have that plan as well, the fine print still says 5GB....
  • Lulz. This guy is a mess.
  • Seems like a strong sign that verizon's sgs2 will have LTE. That the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will have 4G is hardly breaking news so there doesn't seem to be any reason the rep would tweet it as if its some new peice of info. It seems more likely the rep realized after the fact that he shouldn't be tweeting about unannounced devices and backtracked the easiest way possible.
  • Funny reading all the blog posts about the SGSII. It will not have LTE. Yes Sprint has Wimax as shown with the FCC, this is not the same thing as LTE. That is why Sprint has so many 4G phones, and ATT&T and Tmobile all have so many 4G phones.. They are all nothing but glorified 3G phones. Yes Wimax is better then 3G but it is not LTE. The SGSII will not be LTE. It is to thin for the LTE radios. Has anyone that keeps dreaming of it haveing LTE ever look at the Thunderbolt, Charge, Revolution, Bionic.. They are thick for a reason.. They have the LTE radios that are at this time to big for the SGSII. So while Sprint, ATT&T, and Tmobile can release a device and call it 4G they can not release a device that has LTE. The SGSII will be a great phone, but it will be 3G. Qoute me now.
  • Funny reading random comment-ors that think they "know" anything :P. Did you see the FCC filing for the spring version? They added 3mm of thickness and 5mm in height to fit the Wimax radio and bigger battery for the wimax radio to suck down. Your argument that LTE is too big for SGSII just doesnt work. VZW will just have them make the phone bigger. I suspect it will have LTE. As a matter of fact I think VZW's SGS2 is that QWERTY phone thats been leaked. Without a QWERTY keyboard and/or LTE what place will it have on VZW's lineup?
  • The sprint version that passed through the FCC is thicker than the international SGS2 and AT&T is due to get an even thicker version with a keyboard. There is no reason to think Samsung will stick to the original SGS2 design. There is also no evidence suggesting the verizon version will be 3g only, or evidence to the contrary. We'll have to wait and see, but your opinion seems baseless.
  • I saw a picture of a LTE radio and it is not that big. There is no reason it could not fit inside a thin phone if it is made right.
  • I just hope big red dont bing this phone up.
  • Come on, I'm ready to start eating broken glass. I don't know whether to shit or get off the pot. I wish those knuckle heads over at Verizon would shut up. They are afraid the sales of their other devices would slow down big time so they retract their previous comments. I was thrilled about the Samsung GS11 having LTE, what a freaken monster that would be. I am a proud owner of a rooted Thunderbolt and the thought of that GS11 was heart attack material. Bring that bad boy to Verizon and I could swop my LTE sim card back and forth, just like the way I use to do on the GSM Networks. Too much to be true.
  • Now I have been looking forward to the Bionic for a long time. That said, If this has LTE and a slide out keyboard (I want to macro buttons for gaming), then this could sway me. But I do not see Sammie releasing another 4G phone on VZW since the Charge is still selling so well, why make a competitor that only has specs to appeal to a small group (I.E. us)?
  • I do understand the information that was provided via Twitter may be a bit confusing. However, I would like to confirm that the information provided was referring to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 not the Samsung Galaxy S II. At this time there is no release information on the mobile device, Samsung Galaxy S II. For future VZW updates email alerts can be provided by joining here . Thank you.
  • We will be buying one of your products either way. Just get them to tell us the information required to make the decision please.
  • Having people who want to buy something from you but not telling them anything about it until shortly before it is available is just dumb. Especially if it wasn't what they had hoped for after they waited so long. It a good way to lose customers' loyalty.
  • They want us to have the info but they don't want us to have the info. So they leak a rumor so we know then try to say it was a mistake.