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Verizon updates (erm, fixes) Nexus One listing; no Sense for you!

Well how about that. Looks like Verizon has updated its Nexus One listing in the Equipment Guide, fixing some of those bullet points that didn't quite add up.

Gone is the reference to HTC's Sense user interface, which should come as zero surprise. Also (almost) fixed is where the phone will be sold -- (mind the capital letters after the slash, people) -- and other specs have been updated, including the reference to the Qualcomm chip being taken out.

Seriously, people, let's cut Verizon a break here. It's not that big a deal. And while it's fun to get riled up about this stuff, it's one giant glass house we're all sitting in. Typos happen, even to the bedt of us.

  • Love the last sentence/pun(if you may call it that) Phil!
  • Good post!
  • Well played, sir. Well played indeed! :-D
  • I wish there was a date on that page. We still haven't seen a true official date correct?
  • I wonder how many people in VZW read this forum...
  • Plenty of us do!!!
  • Thank God there's no Sense UI, hallelujah!
  • All I know is I can't wait to change out my Droid for the Nexus 1. I love my droid but the specs for Nexus are just 2 good to pass up. Are we still on for the 23? One more question? Does anyone know if and when the dell mini 5 will be launching on verizon. Thanks!
  • I hope the CDMA version fixes the 3g issues and the home buttons are alot easier to use than the GSM verzion.
  • I DON'T want the SenseUI. That means, every time an update comes out for the phone, the non-Sense one will get it, then we'll have to wait months to get an update on ours. Not interested.. I Think that the only thing that will save Android is to streamline the versioning and get fast updates, like WebOS and iPhone.
  • fast updates? iphone? really? They all launch at the same time but to call them "fast" is not accurate.
  • i still see a reference to the Qualcomm Chip QSD 8250....which is still a GSM chip, although probably still just a type-o
  • I hope not, I really hope this phone comes quad band
  • Indeed, I could not agree with you more. In fact it is the deciding factor whether I stay with Verizon or switch to T Mobile in April when my contract is up.
  • I think he meant they are fast because first they arent really announced and everyone gets it at the same time. It's easier for apple because they basically have one phone but 3 versions floating around.
  • Yes, I meant all at the same time. Look at the Droid, the new hotness a month or so ago, now they are in perpetual wait-land for 2.1. Very uncool compared to iPhone/WebOS. Course this will never get fantastically better with Android, as so many phones run it it would be impossibly to do a mass update. I am really hoping the Nexus One gets updates as soon as they roll out. Otherwise, Google's OS is a little silly.
  • I am calling BS on this whole report. I checked Infomanager this morning after another site reported the Sense being there. Guess what? Nothing in Infomanager. At all. I tried many different search strings but nothing is there. NOTHING! This is either a controlled leak or someone having fun. Why is it that in one pic, there is no image and now you have a pic with the sense reference removed? Makes no sense (pun intended). So unless someone can prove there is a secret access backdoor to Infomanager or a special search string to use to find this, guess what? It does not exist!
  • It's amazing how you can edit an image with a computer.
  • maybe cuz someone knows something you don't/and dont know how to do. Just cuz you checked Infomanager and its not there does not mean it doesnt exist. Its called pre-production, hence a leak...hope you think its worth your job when you leak stuff like this...
  • There is a code to get there in equipment manager. It just changing digits in a sequence. The page is already built. So just because you are unable to figure it out does not make it BS. Nice try though!
  • Before calling BS, call your IT guy and ask him. Go into info manager and select any device, then change the equipid number in the address bar to 8037 so it looks like 'equipid=8037' The reason these things dont appear in info manager through the normal navigation is due to the device not being into retail sales yet. Yes folks, this information is true.
  • Why wouldn't they make this a world phone? Or did I miss something?
  • I assume it is a world phone since, according to a Qualcomm engineer I talked to, the Snapdragon chipset is only available in GSM and GSM/CDMA flavors.
  • "Typos happen, even to the bedt of us." beDt... hahaha... was it done on purpose or was it a real Typo? :P
  • I would think google would do the same thing RIM did with the Storm 1 and 2 make it CDMA but it would have a SIM slot for when you go over seas
  • whether it's real or fake, the image of the phone can be easily found with a Google Image search here: wouldn't be hard to doctor this thing up. :/
  • Sense is overated , had it on my Sprint Hero , now I have the N1 and I dont miss it at all
  • To each his own. Personally, I think the contact integration and usable Exchange support offered by Sense is what makes Android functional as a PDA. Without it, many would be back to WinMo or WebOS.
  • Question for everyone... I now see that HTC Sense UI is now NOT on the N1, but would you or wouldn't you want Sense UI on it? What's the pros/cons to having it on the N1? Also, what's everyone's take on the Incredible compared to the Nexus One? Will Incredible be on Verizon? Thanks guys.
  • The incredible IS going to be on Verizon. I'm just trying to figure out if I should take advantage of the BOGO offer and get two Droids or wait until (hopefully) April and get the Incredible (or Nexus) and pay the upgrade price. I'm guessing about $200 for each Incredible or Nexus vs $200 total for both Droids. Droid looks great but the new phones are supposed to be faster. Still, I do like the idea of a keyboard. Tough choice (I'm sure I'm not the only one going through it).
  • I just hope, hope, hope they give us the New Every Two discount on it if they're not going to sell them through Verizon's store. Anyone want to lay a wager?
  • Oh yeah, and is the "Google Experience UI" standard on the other Nexus Ones?
  • Dam can't. Wait to switch from the droid! (Paitently waiting)
  • I hope this nexus one would really please most of us who can't wait to grab one. I am willing to give up my iphone for this since Google has been so great in their support and applications.