Verizon updates Galaxy S5 with VPN, SD card fixes

If you're currently sporting a Galaxy S5 on Verizon, you can look forward to a small update today. While it certainly isn't any Lollipop, the update does squash a couple of bugs concerning VPN connectivity and SD card errors.

Again, it's nothing groundbreaking, but here's a list of the fixes coming in software version KTU84P:

  • Fixed VPN connectivity issue
  • Fixed an issue where some users saw a memory card error "Blank SD card or unsupported files" after the last software update
  • Replaced Isis Mobile Wallet with Softcard

You can go ahead and check for the update now, and while it's rather minor, hopefully Lollipop isn't too far off for U.S. customers since it began rolling out in Poland at the beginning of the month.

Source: Verizon

Dan Thorp-Lancaster