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Amidst a flurry of news today, Verizon made a simple change to its "Share Everything" plan structure that added a new lower-cost tier with a smaller data bucket. Possibly a reaction to AT&T's new lower-tier plans, Verizon now offers a 500MB plan at $40 per month, undercutting the previous bottom-end 1GB plan at $50.

Verizon Share Everything plans

Now with the way Verizon structures its plans, you'll still be paying $40 per month additionally to have a smart phone on the account. With the change, the new absolute bare bones entry point on the carrier will be $80 (plus taxes and fees) for a smart phone with unlimited talk/text and 500MB of data. More choices are nice, but we'd really prefer if they dropped their prices a little bit along with it.

Source: Verizon; Via: The Verge