Google Pixel deals aren't a regular occurrence thanks to its limited retail availability, but Verizon is running a pretty great deal for both the Pixel and Pixel XL right now so long as you're willing to play by its fine print. The deal, as advertised, will get you a standard Pixel for just $360 or a Pixel XL for $480 — that's $290 off in either case.

Google Pixel and Verizon SIM card

But here's the fine print: the deal is only available for those who have, or are willing to switch to, a Verizon "Unlimited" plan. You also have to pay for the phone on its financing plan over the course of 24 months in order to get the full discount — as is often the case, you pay for the full MSRP of the phone monthly, and are refunded equal installments over the two years to get $290 back.

If you're happy on your limited plan (or it's price) but still want to get a Pixel or Pixel XL, Verizon is actually still offering a discount, though it's much smaller. With any non-unlimited plan, but still financing over 24 months, you'll get a Pixel for $460 or Pixel XL for $580 — honestly, still a really good deal for what is still a desirable phone today.

See Pixel at Verizon
See Pixel XL at Verizon

Getting the $190-290 savings may not be worth being locked into Verizon for two years, but for those who know they're going to be with the carrier for a while anyway should seriously consider this deal.

Google Pixel + Pixel XL