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The long wait for the latest Nexus on Verizon is finally over. Almost. Verizon is launching the Google/Motorola phone online starting March 12 (that's tomorrow), and it'll be in stores March 19. It'll run $249.99 with a two-year deal or $27.08 a month on Verizon EDGE.

Why the wait? A quick flip through the committed changes from Android 5.0.2 to Android 5.1 (and be sure to check out our feature on what's new in Android 5.1) show a smattering of Verizon-specific additions, in addition to some other telephony stuff that should make things a little easier on the U.S. operators. We're also seeing some new APIs for carrier apps in Android 5.1, which could remove some of the pain points we've seen with previous Verizon Nexus updates.

And Verizon also mentions that if you snag the N6 by the end of the month you'll get a free six months of Google Play Music All Access.

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Source: Verizon

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