The Moto X (2013) Dev Edition for Verizon is now just $200

We stand at the nexus of affordability, openness, Motorola, and Verizon: the 32GB Moto X (2013) Developer Edition has dropped to a mere $199.99 sans-contract on Verizon, at least when purchased through Amazon. This is last year's model of the Moto X, but it's still no slouch. For your two Benjamins you get a compact and ergonomic phone that supports Big Red's LTE, plus it comes with an unlockable bootloader.

The last price cut for the Verizon Moto X (2013) Developer Edition we saw was a month ago, bringing it down to $230. But now that we've crossed the $200 threshold, that might just be too tempting of a phone to ignore. Especially since there won't be a Developer Edition Moto X (2014) on Verizon.

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