Verizon LTE turned on in Jefferson City, set to expand elsewhere

Following up on a significant LTE expansion last week, Verizon has announced plans to expand in a whole bunch of markets this week. The switch will be flipped on in many of them on September 20, just in time for the iPhone 5 launch, though Android users will see plenty of benefit from the expansion too. Here's the list.

  • Jefferson City, Missouri (now live)
  • Kansas City, Missouri (planned expansion)
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (planned expansion)
  • The Hays, Kansas (planned expansion)
  • Rolla, Missouri (planned launch)
  • Lawrence, Kansas (planned launch)
  • Bremerton, Washington (planned launch)
  • Silverdale, Washington (planned launch)
  • Emporia, Kansas (planned launch)
  • Coffeyville, Kansas (planned launch)
  • Buffalo, New York (expansion live)
  • Tallahassee, Florida (planned launch)
  • Fort Myers, Florida (planned launch)
  • Tampa Bay, Florida (planned launch)

Anyone in these markets hooting and hollaring for the upcoming LTE coverage? How is it comparing to, say, AT&T? You can get a closer look at Verizon's LTE coverage over here (opens in new tab)

Source: Verizon (opens in new tab)

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  • Expansion is in progress in Buffalo, NY. I like it!
  • Me too! Woke up this morning to 4G finally.
  • LTE was turned on on Statesboro, Georgia this morning.
  • 4G went live in here in Lubbock, Texas as of last Saturday and there is no word of it anywhere other than my phone lol!
  • For all their many faults, they do invest in their network.
  • I live in st.louis MO, st.lois is almost 1000sq. miles,including st.louis counties, 2 million+ people and only 7-4g towers. That's ridiculous. I avg 12 down and 5 up almost everywhere. My wifi is faster uploading than vzw lte. And now 4g won't allow me to upload with GDrive anymore, all my other data apps browsers work, i can download from drive but i cant upload anymore and it cuts off connection when I do.
  • I wonder why Tampa, FL is listed as "planned launch" rather than "planned expansion". We were one of the first cities to have LTE activated.
  • Yah, the Florida ones are an expansion as listed on Verizon's news release here:
  • Sure is good to be a Verizon customer!
  • Im confused, I have had 4g in buffalo for a while now. Why does it say expansion live now?
  • Expansion means additional (expanded) coverage.
  • O thanks! I feel slightly stupid for not figuring that out. Thanks though!
  • Well thats wonderful. . . the one carrier with shitty service in my area and they are the only one with LTE up and running. GET IT TOGETHER AT&T!
  • "The switch will be flipped on in many of them on September 20, just in time for the iPhone 5 launch," I think you meant to say "the 4g-pocalypse". 4G service is about to get shitty for *everyone* when 20 million iPhone users uploading 20 million instagram photos an hour all start to pile on the networks. Verizon might fare OK, but AT&T users can expect to see a repeat of the 3g-pocalypse that crippled their network for months/years. Sprint? Go ahead and start loathing the existence of the "4g" icon on your phone's status bar now. You are about to hate your life.
  • Too late. I haven't needed a lte icon to hate my life on sprint. I'm way past that.
  • This is 4G right? I have had this for months in Ft Myers, Fl.
  • Yeah we were one of the first Cities to get LTE. Don't know why it says "Planned Launch" ?
  • Gezzz, will they ever consider Southern Oregon. We have 250,000 people here with NO 4G. Wow every Verizon rep says anytime now...well I've been hearing that for more than a year. Maybe Big Red considers us Okeee's.
  • Hey verizon! How about a little 4G LTE love for Puryear Tennessee area.