Verizon Getting Android Powered HTC Desire ?

Are Verizon customers ready for an onslaught of Android phones? Because it looks like Big Red is receiving another Android device, this time by HTC. The HTC Desire 6200 was spotted in those infamous "inventory documents" and by the looks of it, 'ADR' and Google' both strongly hint at it being an Android-based device. The leaked Verizon inventory document hint at other documents but honestly, a HTC-built, Android-powered, Verizon-networked phone? Sign us up. We don't even need the details.

With the Motorola Sholes expected to hit Verizon and the HTC Desire heading in the same direction, it looks like Verizon customers might soon have as many Android phone options as Android early adopter T-Mobile. Who could have predicted that?


Casey Chan
  • My new phone is almost here!
  • woo hoo!!! another crippled verizon phone! (i really hope not, just getting prepared though)
  • VZW hasn't been crippling their phones for just over a year and have been slowly removing the previously crippled firmware from other phones with updates. If you look at the new BB and WinMo phones you would see that. The only phones that are terrible are their proprietary interface phones that are considered "lower end" phones (which yes I do admit are slightly crippled due to an UGLY interface and the use of BREW). But you have to also admit that they are getting better, the Sholes (now the TAO) has been confirmed to have WIFI on board. :)
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