Verizon Galaxy S4 32GB available for $299 starting tomorrow

Online orders of the new higher storage capacity version will ship by July 3

Verizon has made an update to its Galaxy S4 availability post indicating that the larger capacity 32GB version of the device will become available starting tomorrow, June 29th. As you would expect, the price takes the usual $100 jump up to $299 with a 2-year contract for the increased storage. The post doesn't indicate which colors will be available, but we have to assume it'll be the same white and black varieties as currently offered for the 16GB model.

The post specifies that the device will go on sale at Verizon's online store tomorrow, with devices shipping no later than July 3rd for those who order on day one. No details on in-store availability at the moment, but we would expect them to become available there soon also. Keep an eye out on the Verizon site late tonight if you want to be the first to get your order in.

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Andrew Martonik

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  • Verizon launches the 32GB the day AFTER the 14 day return window . . . SHOCKER, NOT! Way to go Verizon and way to screw your customers over.
  • What? The phone has been out for Verizon for about a month. Posted via Android Central App
  • The point is, they could have announced this sooner. It's not like they JUST figured out that they're going to offer this. If they would have announced it before they started selling the 16gig version, some people would have just waited - thus, not even sticking Verizon with a bunch of 16gig phones that got returned within the 14 day window. Instead, they have a bunch of customers that feel shafted. And for no benefit to Verizon's business that I can see.
  • The point is, it's Verizon. It's not like they had to wait a month to launch the S4 in the first place.
  • $300.00? and.. you have to pay tax on the Full Retail Price.. you add a case / smart cover, car charger, and at least a 16 Gig SD Card ( You can't leave that hole empty..) and, you are looking at close to $400.00! You might as well pony up a little more and buy it outright if you insist on having this model.
  • FWIW, it's $249...
  • This is how it is with all the carriers.
  • This is how it is more so with Verizon. They always stick a stick up customers dark side. Posted from my Galaxy Note 2.
  • This is just such a quiet announcement that my guess is that Verizon likely did not plan to release this device and are obviously announcing it on a Friday afternoon in a very quiet manner to avoid resentment from their customers. Think about it, this would normally be a big deal, but they are purposely trying to quietly announce this. My guess is this has more to do with their late-to-the-game decision in carrying the HTC One. The HTC comes with 32GB minimum and it's a possibility Verizon even carries the 64GB (not likely, but a possibility). Looking at the pricing, it would not surprise me to see the HTC One at $299.99 for 32GB. This is just Verizon planning to match that same price so as not to give a seemingly competitive advantage to the average customer. So, remember I said it first (and could be the first one wrong too lol): The HTC One 32GB may very well end up being $299.99. $249.99 at the cheapest.
  • I suppose you don't realize the HTC One which has a minimum of 32 GB has been selling for $199 or lower at Sprint, T-mobile, and ATT. -Suntan Annoying self importance.
  • The price other carriers are charging obviously has little with Verizon's decision for how much they'll charge as shown by how much the 32GB S4 is. That's why I'm guessing the HTC one will be more expensive for Verizon when it comes out. Did you even read the post? I basically said that I imagine the 32GB HTC One will be $199 and the 64GB (if carried) will be $299 (to match the S4's pricing). What's so unrealistic about that thinking given the shockingly high price Verizon just attached to the S4?
  • @ jimbo, in addition to my other post, the 64GB version IS $299.99 at AT&T. Thus, my argument has even more merit. Learn 2 Read.
  • "The HTC One 32GB may very well end up being $299.99. $249.99 at the cheapest." You then claim you were talking about the 64GB version.You should read your own post before insulting others "Learn 2 Read".
  • You know what I'm sorry and apologize to both of you. As I was typing that i was thinking 64GB in my head and kept typing 32GB. My fault /facepalm
  • This is correct. Flash memory costs NOTHING. A 16 or 32GB card can be had online for peanuts yet Apple and Samsung would charge you an extra $100!!! At the most these phones should be $229.99
  • Yeah it was predictable they would do that.
  • $100 for 16gb of storage. We're getting fleeced. And yes I know this is what other carriers do too.
  • "getting fleeced"? You don't have to buy it.
  • Oh yes we should just roll over and be thankful...
  • AT&T only charges an extra $50 for the extra 16gig....
  • Not other carriers, just Verizon. The 32GB on AT&T is only $249. That's a $50 increase on the 16GB over there.
  • Same price @ VZW; $249.
  • >"As you would expect, the price takes the usual $100 jump up to $299" Yep, $100 more for $15 worth of additional storage. Typical.
  • There are additional costs associated with making a new SKU with more storage at each step of the process. And Verizon has to take its cut also. Not saying $100 is justified, but you have to realize no OEM is going to sell the larger storage version at cost. Posted via Android Central App
  • Finally! My patience was wearing thin, but It's here!
  • Don't expect to see it in stores in most locations: if it's anything like the S3, the higher-capacity will remain direct-fulfillment only except in the highest-traffic/richest neighborhood locations.
  • +100 on screw you, Verizon! 1) There's no reason they couldn't have told us that this would be available, so that people who want/need the extra storage could have waited for it. 2) It is ridiculous that an extra 16GB cost $100. It's only an extra $50 on AT&T. That tells me that it's Verizon pumping us for the extra $50, not Samsung.
  • Don't blame Verizon (or any other carrier), blame the consumer . As long as consumers pay the price, they'll keep bending us over.
  • I don't know why people are upset about the 32 GB coming out. They should have waited. I still have the Thunderbolt. But I KNEW I wanted a higher capacity. I think my upgrade period started this past Jan I think or maybe even late last year. So I have waited and might still wait for the Nexus 5 if it ever comes out. I also just checked and the 32 GB version on Verizon is $250. If you knew you wanted higher capacity then why did you settle?
  • Can you hear them now? That's the sound of them screwing over their customers.
  • For those of us that buy devices at full donkey, the 16GB retails for $649. The 32GB is set to retail at $699. Easy choice for me.
  • I actually hope you're buying the developer edition and not the BS locked carrier bloat filled edition.
  • Agree...want to keep that unlimited
  • And Verizon is happy to let you do it. They'd prefer if everyone paid full retail for the "privilege" of giving them just as much money every month for unlimited data. Posted via Android Central App
  • Now if only TMO would get the 32.....
  • Ya $100 for 16gb. I hate carriers Posted via Android Central App
  • Eh still happy with my 16gb. Got a 32gb class 10 sandisk microsd for like $30 and it's still pretty empty, thanks to unlimited data and play music all access. Posted via Android Central App
  • Unlimited Data and Play Music All Access FTW!!!
  • And guess what when Joe blow walks in and sees both models guess which he buys? Yep the 16gb it's not about price all he sees I'd he can add a SD card. So why buy a larger memory phone. Posted via Android Central App
  • Maybe because some of the games now are getting larger and larger and you can't move them to SD cards? Maybe because it's an individuals choice and the world don't make the same decisions as you?
  • And again most folks who see the 16 GB and cheaper price will opt for that one. And when u can't add apps to SD they Google why and end up here whining. It's a never ending cycle. Posted via Android Central App
  • Haha, this. So much, this.
  • Because anyone who knows anything realizes sd cards are a poor substitute for internal memory.
  • Too late for me! I took advantage of AT&T's promotion this last week and now have the LG Optimus G Pro, which came with 32GB & 1080p 5.5" display. It was only $50 with a 2 year contract and no upgrade charge ($54 total with tax, delivered). It's very comparable to the GN2, but without the stylus, but with more memory, more speed and 32GB. If Verizon had done this a couple of weeks ago then I'd still be with them.
  • ATT always had the 32gb sgs4. If you were switching anyway you had the choice Posted via
  • At&t only had the 16gb @launch, just like the other carriers. Released the 32gb 2 weeks later like Verizon.
  • I specifically asked every VZ employee whether they were going to come out with a 32GB version, to which they emphatically and universally responded, "No plans." This is a very low blow, and likely a deal breaker for me to renew any future contracts with them. I would've waited patiently for the 32GB (or even 64GB) version, but instead am left with 9GB free on an instantly obsolete GS4. I'll be calling VZ customer service to scream tomorrow, but I'm sure it will do no good except to trim a couple months off my life.
  • I was literally just on their website chat to try and confirm the full retail price. The employee I was talking to didn't even know about it. I think they keep them in the dark, and unless they're an enthusiast (like us) and actively seek it out from deep within the bowels of the company, they simply don't know.
  • Straight up, no idea. I'm even thinking of unloading my own 16gb to my mom and buying the 32gb for myself.
  • Don't gripe about something better coming down the pike. Either roll with it or don't be the first to buy something new then bitch about something better coming later. This is how it works!
  • This!! In one month, when they announce they moto x phone (as they are expected to near the beginning of August 1), there will be people here bitching about how if they had known they wouldn't have bought the S4 32 GB. A month after that when the Note 3 is announced, the moto X people will bitch then. Just make the best decision with the information possible and know it will be obsolete in 4 months.
  • Please explain to me how the simple fact that a new phone becomes available four months later instantly renders all other phones obsolete? Do they quit functioning? Can you not make calls, play games, listen to music, or whatever else you wanted to do four months earlier? Or is it that there are a lot of spoiled juveniles, who are so insecure with their self-worth that they feel defined by whether they have the newest phone on the market?
    If this throws someone's life so out of balance, they should 1. seek counseling, 2. try to live life without a cell phone for a few weeks, 3. get a f'ing life, maybe a girlfriend while they're at it.
  • And why are Verizon and ATT customers always complaining the loudest and they are the largest carriers? Not to mention CDMA is so 90's...Had to get a dig in on Big Red...
  • Their large customer base seems to make them lazy when it comes to customer satisfaction. In contrast, Sprint and especially T-Mobile appear to take the attitude of Avis: "We are second; we try harder." Also, VZW has been clear that they plan to drop CDMA as soon as they can (i.e. when VoLTE is ready and deployed). It will take a couple years, but that's where they're headed. That's where Sprint's headed, too, if they have any sense. Posted via Android Central App
  • My patience has paid off! Praise the Lord! :-) 32gb you will be mine! So happy right now!
  • Now how long do I wait to see the Verizon HTC One? Or do I just jump on board here on the Samsung Galaxy S4? Tough choice. I said I was going to get whichever came out first (32G S4 or HTC One). I'll probably hold on until the end of next week and then make the call. Can't go wrong with either one.
  • They're phones. They both work just fine. Just get one. You'll be as happy, or unhappy, as you make your mind up to be with it.
  • What a scam. A 64GB microSD card is about $80. If you pair that with the 16GB model, you get 80GB of storage for $279. Yes, 2.5 times the storage for $20 less.
  • SD cards are made from reject band memory are slow and unreliable. Internal memory is a much better option which is why Google no loner supports sd cards.
  • I'm not trying to troll, but for $100 more than the 32GB One? Really? Posted via Android Central App
  • The HTC One price hasn't been revealed yet (for Verizon, obviously) so I wouldn't be too quick on the draw. :)
  • Now all the VZW S4 needs is the Play Edition rom.
  • It's so funny to see people whine, complain and blame the carrier because they have no self control and must buy something the day it comes out. Everybody pretty much knew there was a good chance this phone would come out a month or so after the 16G, of you wanted 32G you should have held out for it. Posted via Android Central App
  • I don't know if I agree it's that people don't have any self control. If you don't know there is going to be a 32 gb version why would you wait? Are you supposed to wait until the Galaxy S5 comes out before you determine there will be no 32 gb S4? How long should people hold off buying the 32 gb version S4 if they really want a 64 gb version? Should they wait a month? 6 months? That's my beef with the carriers not releasing the phones in all capacities and colors from the get go. I'm on AT&T, not Verizon, and they do the same thing. It ticks me off.
  • Of you want a certain phone but want it in a different color of G size then you can wait a month or 2. The S5 won't come out to your carrier for 12 after the S4, it's not like I'm saying wait 11 months! Besides you said it yourself with different versions of the same phone coming out at different times on all carriers. By the way the reason they do it is to try and keep the phone has fresh as they can for as long as they can. If they came out with every color and model all at the same time sales would suffer soon street the release. Posted via Android Central App
  • By that logic, why buy an S4 at all? Surely the S5 will come out at some point, then what will everyone do?
  • "Why would you wait?" Easy. Some people just don't want a 16 GB internal (8 GB usable) phone. Once a device comes out with my requirements I will get it. I'm not waiting just for the sake of waiting. Therefore the question people ask "how long should you wait" is stupid. Wait as long at it takes for it. Or get a comparible device now. If I want a 32 gb device with a removable battery and an SD card slot then I am not going to settle for a 16 gb device that has a removable battery and an SD card. I want all three criteria met. If not then I stay with my Thunderbolt.
  • Not sure why you'd even want the 32 gig now especially since the update for the gs4 u can now install apps to the SD card so there's no point to it. Posted via Android Central App
  • Geeks like to Cry.. it's in their nature..
    There will be a lot more crying in 120 days.. You NEVER by your phone in the Spring/Summer.. The "Black Friday - Cyber Monday - 30 Days Til Christmas" window is when all the Super Phones of 2013 will appear.. The Note 3, The Korean only Samsung S4*S* (With the Snapdragon 800 SoC turned World Phone) HTC Butterfly (Yes it's coming), HTC MAX, LG Phablet, Moto X, Nexus 5, Experia Z Ultra & the 20 megapixel monster, iPhone 6.. with most of those phones packing the All-Mighty Qualcomm 800 / Adreno 330 setup.. That's.. the time to make your purchase.. :-) These spring - early summer phones are just the appetizers
  • I like to get a new phone every 6 months max, so I won't be crying. It'll be perfect time for me to upgrade from my S4.
  • SD cards are slow
    SD cards are unreliable
    Google does not support sd cards which should tell you something.
    Many apps don't work with sd card including Google music.
  • I hope the 32Gb versions come to the UK. 16Gb with Samsung's huge software load seems stupidly limiting. Posted via Android Central App
  • Keep in is a PHONE!! Hell, something bigger and better will be out next week!! oh, yea.....Verizon still sucks! Posted via Android Central App
  • Take usmc out of your screen name to avoid embarrassing the rest of us any further.
  • LOL!
  • Question is that a good deal? Seems pretty expensive just wondering. Posted via Android Central App
  • I saw somewhere that they were not going to go with 32GB models. I would have got that one.
  • But 299 isn't the price without 2 year agreement right? Posted via Android Central App
  • Yes $299 is on-contract, of course. $699 without a contract. Posted via Android Central App
  • I am just asking because u get them here for 1 euro on a 24 month turn with a 50 euro monthly unlimited plan. So 299 is a good deal for the USA then? Posted via Android Central App
  • Might want to check Walmart I got the Att 32 gb version for $209 Posted via Android Central App
  • stupid Verizon. They need to get with the phone program.
  • I see $199 for 16gb and $249 for 32gb version on vzw's website.
  • Eff you verizon!! I HATE YOU!!
  • It's too expensive regardless. Posted via Android Central App