Verizon 4G LTE expands to over a dozen new locations

Verizon has continued their crazy fast expansion of 4G LTE network coverage this week with over a dozen new markets or locations. More LTE markets can only be a good thing, especially if you're one of the millions who recently picked up a Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) on Big Red. Here's a full list of the locations that went live this week:

  • Communities near St. Louis, Missouri
  • Richmond, Indiana
  • Rochester, New York (network enhancements)
  • Sunbury, Pennsylvania
  • Stroudsberg, Pennsylvania
  • Pottsville, Pennsylvania
  • Williamsport, Pennsylvania
  • Jackson County, Michigan
  • Syracuse, New York (network enhancements)
  • Binghamton, New York (network enhancements)
  • Greene County, New York (network enhancements)

With this rate of growth in the Verizon 4G LTE network, it's going to be hard for AT&T to catch up -- and seemingly impossible for Sprint. 

Source: Verizon News Center (opens in new tab)

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  • Rochester NY getting some love. Thanks big red
  • really rochester is a big customer service center for vzw & no lte love, shoking
  • jaz0305, Rochester already had LTE for a long time...It's network enhancements - speaking of, I'm getting faster results from Speedtest!
  • Rochester, NY already had LTE from Verizon. I think they're just expanding the coverage area. But AT&T just announce LTE coverage to the Rochester area (I read on here in an earlier post)
  • Still waiting for Watseka, IL. Tower is up, they're still working on the ground level guts.
    Getting impatient!
  • Still [im]patiently waiting on Sprint...
  • When will northern westchester county New York see some of the 4g love? Where I live has been between 2 4g zones for more than 6 months and we have yet to feel the magic here.
  • Their maps can be incredibly misleading...
  • You are 100% correct there are so much Verizon doesn't tell people about when it comes to it's Lte network. Dreadful signal strength and piss poor reception as well as asu are hallmarks of Verizon's LTE network. We won't even discuss the piss poor battery life most of it's handsets that are not the Droid Razr Maxx receives they don't talk about that. I owned the CDMA VERIZON GALAXY NEXUS from December 15th 2011 to June 28th 2012 and every day I went home here in Bronx New York City my phone would drop from 4g Lte to 1X to a point where I can't even watch you tube on my handset. In Manhattan being at work my phone would switch between 4g/eg/1x/just plain draining the battery on my hand daily. Meanwhile coverage maps claimed I would get great services they couldn't figure it out we even changed handsets twice. Enter Tmobile and it's GSM HSPA PLUS 42MPS network which simply shits all over Verizon and it's CDMA LTE NETWORK. My Samsung Galaxy S3 0n Tmobile works in ways my Verizon Galaxy Nexus never did. I can watch 2hr netfix, YouTube, and just do anything which never happened on Verizon for 6months paying more doesn't mean better. All Verizon cares about is it's Droid Razr handsets those get top of the line actions why cause all those handsets have all that crappy ass bloatware Verizon loves. People on Verizon remind me of apple iphone users they are just misguided and actually are mostly simpleton's that believe paying more is better. If your on Tmobile be proud we have a great network that is speedy and simply just works everywhere. GSM vs CDMA no contest Verizon can keep it's useless cdma devices Sprint too for that matter. Tmobile is the only place for me and I look forward to purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to couple with my already industry leading Galaxy S3 on Tmobile and have the best of both worlds. Yeah more LTE cities for Verizon i can't help but laugh at that and those poor misguided souls who think Verizon is the answer. They are going to waste so much money just like I did for 2lines on Verizon for 6months.
  • Clearly mileage varies on this, because the LTE coverage in little old Scranton, PA is fantastic. On average, my LTE connection is faster than my cable modem, and I'm rarely anywhere that I get poor service (until I leave town and enter the no-man's land between Scranton and the rest of civilization).
  • Ha, nevermind, I see that Williamsport and Stroudsburg are on the list, so that adds even more regional coverage up here. I guess it really does depend on what part of the network you're using.
  • Actually, LTE has been live here in the Williamsport area since the 10th of July...why it took so long to announce it is beyond me.
  • A lot of people on here complain about Verizon phone choices and contract prices, but it's not difficult to see that they put your money to good use investing in their network. As a frustrated Sprint customer I'd settle for Verizon's 3G speeds. 4G feels like a pipe dream.
  • You sound sorely misguided. Do yourself a favor and read up in the Android Central forums or just forums on other sites. Verizon is not what you think they are...
  • For every complaint people have here against Verizon, there is just as many for all the other carriers. Im glad you found love with Tmo, its good to have a phone that works in your area. For me, AT&T and Tmo service here was and still is slow and useless. GSM just didn't work for me, or any of my friends and family for that matter. I switched to Verizon and have never been happier. I get great signal everywhere as well as good 4g LTE coverage. Just from what I read, do you think the Galaxy nexus you owned could have been part(all?) of the reason for your signal issues? It seems widely reported that those phones can have some pretty bad radios.
  • Hahaha that's got to be the most ironic statement you've ever made! No one is more "misguided" than you. You, who said his "legendary" Evo 3D would be "Sprint's flagship device well into 2012", and pretty much the same thing of Verizon's Galaxy Nexus when you got it. You, who stated 2 years ago that rooting was for "2plus year old devices" as a (failed) insult to me, but then a year ago was "looking into" rooting first your Evo 3D, and then your Galaxy Nexus. And even with the developer-friendly, easiest-phone-to-root Galaxy Nexus, you still couldn't root it.
    Do yourself a favor and think for once. Think about why people complain only when something is going wrong. Think about why you hear more negative comments about *any* carrier than positive comments. Do yourself a favor and EDUCATE YOURSELF. Lord knows you need it more than most.
  • Your a pretty comical guy college boy Mr. Squiddy20 do yourself a favor and focus more on your college education and studies it's school time. Leave the Internet and comments to us adults this is not a child's Page. Plus when you begin paying real bills in the real world not under your mom's roof then come back here as a man to talk like a man. You don't belong here..
  • 1. I am 21 years old and am therefore legally an adult. So in that respect, your comment is useless. What a pitiful "insult". Also, this website ( and the pages contained within are completely open to anyone and everyone, no matter their age, race, nationality, financial status, or schooling (or in your case, lack thereof), so telling me I "don't belong here" is incredibly childish and ignorant. Congratulations on proving how stupid you are.
    2. I know it's hard for you to accept Richard, but I've graduated college. So yet again, your comment/"insult" is useless.
    3. According to you, being a "man" involves "having the balls to tell people to f*ck off". Now, I think most people would agree, that's not very manly, especially over the Internet.
    Come back when you have something substantial to say.
  • Well guys, "over a dozen" is officially 11
  • Wow you can count bullet points.
  • Unfortunately that's an ability that many people in our society lack.
  • Well I think the several communities around St. Louis count as multiple locations ;)
  • If you want the truth of what people are going thru with Verizon and the handsets they own hit up four telling spots. The Facebook Page of Verizon as well as it's Google plus and Twitter Pages get bombarded daily. Hit the Android Central forums and see for yourself what true people who have Verizon or had them like myself. And see how they feel about Verizon and it's overrated battery draining LTE network.
  • If you want the truth, ask people around you who have service with Verizon. Going to the "forums" is the stupidest thing to do, and it's sad that you don't know why. People really only comment on the Verizon G+ or Facebook pages because they have something to complain about. Rarely ever will you see a comment that says "Yeah, go Verizon I love you guys!" because no one cares until something is wrong/not working. You don't call the IT department just to have a chat about life, you call the IT department when there's a problem. You are a moron.
    Oh and by the way, T-Mobile is slated to get pretty much the exact same "battery draining" LTE network that Verizon has. You gonna cry and b*itch about that too?
  • See, the interesting thing is that I get over 24hours battery life on my HTC Rezound. I love Verizon's network. It shits on everyone else's in my area. The thing is, if ONE LITTLE THING GOES WRONG, people bitch. It's life. If people bitched about a flat tire every time they got one and switched to a new manufacturer, it would get more ridiculous than what it already is. LTE is still a new technology. Give it time. Everyone is switching to it. Including T-Mobile
  • Richardyarrell don't what he's talking about.. at least with Verizon I dont have to be outdoors to use my phone... once you walk inside T-Mobile service sucks.. bottom line is T-Mobile is a bunch of smoke and mirrors
  • ... And still nothing for the NH Seacoat area.
  • They should really focus on making their LTE more reliable. Instead of lighting up new markets all the time... My friend's HTC Thunderbolt(stock) is constantly losing data connection.. Kind of pathetic considering he pays 108 dollars a month...
  • its not so much its being unreliable, its just 4G doesn't have as big of a footprint, once they increase the coverage and the towers signal start to overlap his 4g connection should be better.
  • For the record, as one who lives in NEPA, it's STROUDSBURG
  • Richardyarrell, I hate to tell you, but going to Verizon's Facebook and Google+ pages won't give you the real story. People go there to complain. People in general don't leave happy comments in public forums, they go there to vent... I had T mobile and Sprint prior to Verizon and my experience with them is the same as yours with Verizon. I take issue with you putting down everyone on Verizon. Anyone who makes such a blanket statement about such a large group of people needs to reevaluate their point of view. With Verizon I never drop below 3g...and rarely at that. Everywhere I go in New England I'm pretty much on 4g. So, sorry for your bad experience but just because you had it bad doesn't mean everyone else does. (Maybe it's not all about you).
  • Add Marion Ohio to that list. Went live late last week
  • Some odd reason Indiana has REALLY good coverage of LTE lol
  • I just tried Sprint for a year and had to come back to Verizon. Verizon isn't perfect but substantially better than sprint at this point. There are several towns in New England where I wouldn't get any data coverage with sprint that I get lte with Verizon. Even major towns and being outside. Even when I traveled outside of new england there were too many dead zones and places where I would get no signal inside buildings. Even when I went to switch back to Verizon they needed my sprint account number to change over and I couldn't get the damn sprint Web Page to come up - it was embarrassing. The women turned her ipad and told me to long on to the Sprint site with it. Anyway, I'm glad to be back on Verizon and actually able to use data on my phone again.
  • Hey Richard, I was thinking Galaxy Nexus until I read about people having signal issues with that phone and other Samsung CDMA phones in the past. I am so glad I went Motorola. The ZVW Galaxy Nexus has been plagued by poor signal issues for Months. If you had purchased a Rezound or the RAZR you would probably have had a much different experience. The RAZR MAXX has proven to be even better. As for me, T-Mobile in my house had severe issues so I paid to switch. I am not regretting it at all. My Droid RAZR MAXX has been Amazing in EVERY way except the camera. But I need the other features way more and it has not disappointed. And LTE for me has been better than the Mobiles 4G. But as they say, your usage and experience may vary.
  • Why does Verizon hate Puerto Rico?