Fans of Vainglory received an early present from the developers at Super Evil Megacorp (gotta love that company name) in the form of a huge update that adds many features the hardcore players have been requesting. It also adds a new hero, a new Mystery Chest for unlocking new goodies, along with updates to the some festive skins.

Vainglory gets a big update in time for the holidays

Let's start with the new hero, Idris, an Assassin class hero with a well-rounded set of attacks. Build up his melee attacks with his lightsaber-esque staff for strong combat up close, or sit back and rely on his ranged attacks. On top of all that, just check out how cool he looks!

Another big addition is the Mystery Chest. It features every hero and skin in the market, with a better than one-in-three chance of receiving a new hero or skin as well as a shot at hitting a million Opal jackpot.

In terms of more substantial updates to the game itself, the update implements improvements to Guilds including a better system for finding and joining Guilds for beginners, as well as administrative updates and better rewards for both solo and team efforts.

And then there's the added festive fun in the form of new winter-themed skins for some Heroes along with a revamped winter season map. For full details, check out the video from Vainglory's YouTube channel above.

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