Live on Periscope

As phones and technology progress, so does the way we interact with them. One thing never changes though, and its the fact that we all like to have control over when our phones decide to tell us about things. Some of us like a notification for every interaction across social networks, and then there are those who only want to hear their phones go off for something of monumental importance.

It's definitely a pleasant surprise to see an app that takes its audience into consideration with where, and how their notification settings work. Getting there, and changing things within Periscope is about as simple and straightforward as it gets.

You can find your settings below your blocked list on your profile page on Periscope. You can get to your profile page by heading to the featured users page, and then hitting the icon of a head inside a white circle to the upper right of the screen. Once you're there, we're actually most of the way done — crazy but awesome, I know.

You will get notifications from the app for four types of interaction: a followed user goes live, a followed user shared a broadcast, a user follows you, and for suggested first time broadcasts. Next to each type of notification is an on/off toggle switch. All notifications are set to "on" when you first get started, but tapping the toggle will turn them off (and they will turn grey). There's no option to save your choices, since it happens automatically.

So there you have it. Notifications that are so easy to get to — and control — that anybody restore sanity to their device in moments.