Using Google Music Manager on Ubuntu made easy

We all love Google's new cloud music service, but I'm not loving that Linux was forgotten when the Music Manager client was written.  It's one of those things where I'll have to sit down and configure Wine (a helper application that runs Windows applications on Linux) to run it, and I don't have time or patience to do that just yet.  Wine is picky, and while it may be easy, it may just be horribly difficult.  If you've used it, you know what I mean.

Then I got wind of a nice little package that does it all, with very little user-intervention and setup, from Iain Hobbs (aka bluescreenkid).  Download, unzip, and run the script.  So easy a caveman can do it.  Now to copy all my music files back to my desktop and and get things back how I like them. 

If you're in the same boat, grab Iain's package here, read the instructions and have a go.

Source: @bluescreenkidThanks, Iain!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • So wait... if ur machine runs Windows, u don't need this right?
  • Right! This is relevant to Ubuntu-Linux users only..
  • Even then, I see no need for this whole process, and there should be a linux version, which would be pretty easy to clone from the mac version. But Any Linux user worth his salt has secure access to a windows machine somewhere, even if its inside an idling Virtual Machine. Personally, I just drag songs from my Linux machine and drop them on the upload directory of my windows machine via SSH, and within a few seconds they appear in my Google Music library. I'm not sure I would run this on my Linux machine even if it was available for my Distro. Its just one more security issue if you ask me.
  • While it's nice to have a hack so soon, it sucks that Google didn't provide a linux version of the app especially considering it's such small looking application. Let's hope there is a fully supported linux version by the time Music is out of beta
  • Amen. I really don't see why'd they'd leave Linux out of the loop on this one. Unless they just rebranded the app from that company they bought and have done little work on the actual code.
  • Wow, this is sweet! Thanks, Jerry. Maybe I'll end up using this Google Music after all.
  • I'm amazed that there wasn't a Linux uploader when this launched, especially considering that Windows is banned internally at Google. I'm even more amazed that they didn't make it a browser-based process and avoid this issue entirely.
  • Hum. I've got it installed, but it keeps freezing on the Google login screen... I've now used up all my Linux-fu (yeah, lightweight, I know), so I may have to escalate to having my geek-master-husband figure it out. I wonder, however, if being on Ubuntu 11.04 makes a difference....?
  • I had the same issue. Anyone have luck on 11.04?
  • I had this issue with the normal version of Wine in the repos. I updated to the Wine PPA and it solved the issue! sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install wine
  • I was able to get it to work, but the script failed. It kept trying to push the files into a directory that didn't exist. In the end i could make it work by launching the exe directly and letting wine do it's thing, but the short cut that was created in the unity launcher was DOA. I think it's really a shame that they don't have a Linux version of music manager, because wine is a pain sometimes and not everyone has a windows VM setup on their machine.
  • Thank you so much for this post. I just got the beta invite a few days ago, but I kept getting error messages when installing the music manager on my Windows PC. Will try this when I can get on my other computer.
  • Does anyone have an issue in the browser saying there's an error? I'm running the latest Ubuntu (11.04) and I get various issues here and there on sites that use Flash. Lately now when I'm trying to browse my library it's ok until I try to play, then it gives me a flash error. Sometimes on sites with videos or navigation it doesn't work perfectly either. This is not something I screwed up, I've installed Ubuntu many times lately to undo any issues I may have caused, a VM with a 32-bit version does the same thing, and it doesn't matter which browser or Flash plugin I use. Thinking of rolling back to 10.10, since there's other stability issues in Ubuntu.
  • I'm running Debian Sid and am having the same problem. I run into issues only on PBS's site when trying to play video, and on Google's Music site using Chrome. I just don't listen to it via the site, I usually listen to music via my tablet or phone.
  • To be honest, I really don't care that I can't listen to it on the site. I have it on my machine already and on my phone.. it's just yet another issue I have with Flash that is irritating.
  • As a Fedora Linux-zealot, I was incredibly let down after getting my invite at lunch and rushing back to give it a try, only to find out there's a separate non-Linux program needed to move music up. The first thing I thought of was running it in Wine and after some searching, found that the installer doesn't run, but the program itself will and found the appropriate files in this discussion: Downloaded the zip, unzipped and ran it with Wine and it worked, but the font looked like crap. I was able to get pretty far with it, and got music uploading, but the font was too bad I wasn't able to read the progress. (if I had time I would've worked with the font issue, as I'm sure it was missing some MS fonts) Killed it and came up with another idea -- run music manager in a Windows VM through VirtualBox and share my music folders with the VM. Pointed MusicManager at those folders and let it run uninterrupted for days....admittedly, I don't like any reason to run Windows, but it worked pretty darn well.
  • That's the route I went.. I already had the setup, though, even the shared folder, so it wasn't that big a deal. At least I have an option.
  • While we are on the subject of Google Music, does anyone know a way to get the GM app to respect .nomedia files in directories? My voice notes keep on showing up in my music on both my phone and tablet. (They are not uploaded, its just that the app seems to scan all directories).
  • Just thought you might like to know I have released Google Music Manager install for Ubuntu version 2. It's totally different and might work on other versions of Linux asides from Ubuntu but this hasn't been tested yet. Unlike my previous script, it mimics the Windows MusicManagerSetup executable to retrieve the URL for downloading MusicManagerSetup.exe. Hopefully, if Google do decide to change the location, my script should have it covered. Script Download URL :
    README is also available to read at Feedback is always welcome and thanks to Jerry for writing this article. Really appreciate it! It means my script can help more people. Iain Hobbs (aka bluescreenkid)
  • I am running Linux Mint 11rc and tried your original script and had no luck. I uninstalled wine, and followed the directions here exactly, and I am uploading my music library with linux as we speak. Thank you for this. I will be trying it on my crunchbang debian install as well just out of curiousity. I have a good feeling it will work for that too. I mainly just need this to listen to music at work from my phone. Thanks again. This works!
  • If a Banshee plugin is ever written I might look at Google Music. I really don't want to have to Wine or Vbox a windows app, to upload mp3s to internet. Seems a bit silly if my media is already sitting on an Ampache server in my hall closet.
  • "grab Iain's package here"
  • reporting my outcome with version 2. Works flawlessly! Thank you so much! Version 1 originally didn't work on my machine - Ubuntu 11.04 Thanks again!
  • I didn’t think much of the Google Music myself, and it's definitely a downer that there is no native Linux client. Seems weird, seeing as Android is Linux based. I actually wasn't much impressed with it after I got it set up today and tried it out; it's pretty limited. I’ve also been trying out Subsonic for the last couple weeks while waiting for my Google Music invite, and I’ve been pretty impressed by that. You run it on your own computer instead of in Google's cloud, and it’s got Google Music totally beat in my opinion. You can stream your tunes (and video!) to any computer browser or media player you like, and there is a media player app for Android, iPhone and Blackberry. Plus, you can have as many of your friends as you like share your tunes, and you can stream to as many devices as you like simultaneously (with Google Music you can only stream to one at a time). I wrote up a pretty thorough comparison of the two if you’re interested:
  • FYI there's .deb and .rpm version of the Google Music uploader available now. You just need to click "Add Music" > "Download Music Manager" from the Google Music site. If you get an error connecting when you first start the uploader, check for the fix here: