Galaxy S4 Mini

Ludicrous $500 off-contract price likely won't entice many to forgo the service agreement

Although the carrier didn't make much noise about it, U.S. Cellular is now selling the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. While we knew the smaller (and lesser-appointed) Galaxy S4 was headed to the carrier at some point in November, no new information was known until the phone just popped up on its online store.

The Galaxy S4 Mini can be yours on U.S. Cellular for $50 with a two-year contract or (a frankly absurd) $500 without any service agreement. You'll have your choice of white or black for the color, and in either case you'll be getting much the same experience as those who have the S4 Mini internationally or in the states on Verizon.

If you are considering the S4 Mini on U.S. Cellular, you may want to shop around just a bit, however. The carrier is currently running promotions that peg devices like the Moto X at free on-contract. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Review

Source: U.S. Cellular; Via: AndroidPolice