Unreal Engine 3 is now running on Android, too [video]

Just a  few days ago, we reported about id Software possibly developing on the Android platform. Also just a few days ago, it seemed like game developer, Epic Games, would not be developing their Unreal Engine 3 tech on the Android platform. With the imminent launch of Epic Citadel for iOS, it seemed like Apple and Epic Games had become buddy, buddy.

Now we are hearing tweets of a different tune. It looks like the Unreal Engine 3 can run on Android devices. Vice President and Co-Founder of Epic Games, Mark Rein, tweeted, "We've demoed Unreal Engine 3 on Android w/Tegra 2 before and at KCG today we showed it on a Samsung Galaxy S device." Additionally, he tweeted a link to a YouTube video demoing Trendy Entertainment's, Dungeon Defenders, running on a Tegra 2 powered device (full video after the break). If developers start licenceing Unreal Engine 3 tech for Android, you can be sure to start seeing some better games on the Android Market. [Droid Gamers] Thanks Andrew for sending this tip in.

YouTube link for mobile viewing

Andrew Melnizek
  • Only a matter of time now. The iPhone is gonna die a slow death in gaming for the same reason the Mac did. iPhone hardware is just awful for games.
  • Eh, if it dies it won't be for that reason. It will be determined by if developers abandon the iphone
  • I have to give credit where it's due. If it weren't for the iPhone to change the smartphone culture, we wouldn't have what we do today. The games on the iOS platform are vastly superior to what Android has as a whole but it nice to see more devs porting their successful work over to Android. I really don't see how the iPhone hardware is inferior in that aspect.
  • Weak CPU and GPU = inferior.
  • The gaming industry is the perfect example of the best hardware not necessarily being the best platform. The Wii has been a huge success and it's using ancient hardware by today's standards. Plus the iPhone has one huge bonus going for it: the devs only have to worry about two devices, iPhone and iPod Touch, sure they have newer models each year, but in general almost all their games play the same so the devs can concentrate on the quality of the game and not working out bugs. A great example is Angry Birds. It's a great game on iPhone, but I can't get get it to play on my Evo. Sure it's a beta but there are a lot of examples and any dev for Anroid will tell you they spend a lot more time on the fixing side of the fix / create ratio than they would on iPhone. I love Android and I'll never own another Apple phone/tablet but I still haven't seen Android gaming hold a candle next to iOS gaming. It is pretty much "inferior" to iOS gaming. Hopefully that will change, but I don't see it anytime soon.
  • Many of the same arguments could have been made for the Mac...where is it now? How is Wii Marketshare compared to the X-Box 360 nowadays? I have been told by my friends with Galaxy S phones that playing Angry Birds on their phones is a night and day difference from the iPhone. And that isnt even getting into 3D gaming, where the Galaxy S will absolutely kill the best iPhone out. The iphone's dominance in gaming is going to be a very temporary thing. Yes, hardware matters. And this is going to be become very apparent over the next year. Just watch. PS - The Wii argument isnt analogous anyway, because the Wii at least DOES have hardware that makes it different (motion controllers). The iPhone, by contrast, is basically just a weak android phone with no keyboard. The only thing I can think of that is better is the resolution (and then only on the latest model). Other than that, the iPhone is worse in every way, sometimes by a wide margin.
  • You look like a retard now. Galaxy S phones have no advantage whatsoever over iPhone4 hardware, they are parity. The display on the iOS4 devices blows the SAMOLED out of the water too. You also make marketshare references and I believe the Wii still has a 30 million advantage over the 360. In contrast the iPhone 4 has, on orders of magnitude, a higher sales rate than the Galaxy S. The Android platform as a whole may sell more, but there is no single device that even pales in comparison to iPhone sales. I'm all for iPhone taking a dump, but people blow it out of proportion. I think the Galaxy S is going to fail horribly. No carrier in the US is promoting it and once again, it's all about the Droids. No serious developer really gives a crap about anything without Droid branding on it with the Evo being a miniscule exception.
  • I agree with you on most of your points except in you thoughts on the display's. While the Iphone4 display is nice, it pales in comparison to the SAMOLED display. Colors, blacks, and even webpages are better on the SAMOLED display. My wife and I noticed that text on her iphone4 where noticeably crisper than the Captivates, but her colors looked extremely washed out, black was replaced by gray, and the neon like white on web pages made web browsing harsh on the eyes. It was like comparing a non calibrated lcd tv display (iphone4) to a calibrated plasma display (captivate). Now of course this is hardly noticeable unless your holding them side by side, but I can say the same thing about my Evo's inferior display. Oh, and I'm sure the Galaxy S line will be fine. I see more of them around here than iphone4's.
  • huh??? This was available for the iphone fist and ALLLLL iPhone games look and are alot smoother that "ALL" Android games. As far as hardware goes... the iPhone and Android phones = no keyboards for the majority of them the problem stays the same on that front. I'm an android fan but I don't like people talking nonsense. Always ready to compare the damn iPhone
  • Give me an example of anything the iPhone can do hardware-wise that current Android phones cant do as well or much better. If you cant answer that question, then how is my comment "nonsense"?
  • It's nonsense because anyone who spends time reading about technology outside of Android Central knows that iOS has a huge lead in terms of gaming that isn't going to fade away overnight. Also, the iPhone hardware is comparable to the best Android handsets currently available (excluding unreleased vaporware). The problem is, most Android users don't have the best Android handset available -- and many are running outdated versions of Android. This complicates things as you must know. I think Android has a chance of overtaking iOS in the next few years IF Google and/or various carriers don't screw up the OS -- but that won't be a possibility for awhile. I'm looking forward to Gingerbread.
  • And the SNES had a "huge lead" over the Playstation when it first came out too...so what? That means nothing. You cant maintain a lead with crap hardware. iOS numbers are already slipping for many other reasons. But gaming is going to become an increasingly important variable because the hardware is getting to the point that it can approximate real consoles now, so lots of people may actually choose phones based on how well they do games. The iPhone is lagging behind badly in this area. And your comment about the iPhone hardware being comperable to the latest Android devices is flat wrong. Samsung's Hummingbird processor annihilates the iPhone's crap CPU. Its not even a contest. - http://www.glbenchmark.com/result.jsp - If that benchmark is to be believed, the Galaxy S phones have almost double the graphics power of the iPhone4.
  • im not one for defending apple.. god i hate the company and refuse to own anything they produce.. but u forced me to!! The one thing that apple has that makes developers love the iphone over android (besides the overall sales numbers) is that every iphone up till the iphone4 has been pretty much the same. They have all had similar internals, the same size/resolution screen, and they ran on the same OS. This means they can make 1 program that works for 100million Iphones and it should look and run the same. Android does not have this compatability.. yet. A game that runs great on a galaxyS or even a Nexus, will probably run like crap on a G1 or hero if it can even run. Then you have 1.5,1.6,2.0,2.1,2.2, and soon 3.0 to worry about compatability with. Add on top of that we as android users have come to love our free apps so much we rarely buy that many full apps unless we just love it, where Ibots just buy app after app. Thats just a hand full of reasons why gaming on the iphone will be superior for some time to come. Thats why epic went to them FIRST. it was easier to code for just 1 version of the OS, they have a larger install base, and they dont have to worry about 300 compatability factors. Given that Android 3.0 Gingerbread is supposed to have "minimum" specs on it and stop the customization crap, it will go a long way to EVENTUALLY solving the huge splintering that is the current android landscape. Once that happens, Iphone doesnt have a prayer. WHY did you just make me defend the iphone.. i feel so dirty now.. lol
  • Well, if it makes you feel better, you didnt defend the iPhone very well. Your argument could be applied to the PC as well. How many different graphics cards are there for PCs? Different OS's? Configurations? Yet gaming thrived on the PC and withered on the Mac. If the hardware is there and the installed base is there, the developers will come. Thats what the PC taught us. iPhone has the installed base but not the hardware. Android will have both.
  • Two guys at work...one without shoes on....x box controller on the floor....gee why do I hate my job....lol
  • Very cool and all, but the licensing scheme is "unreal." Unless I am reading it wrong (http://www.udk.com/licensing), they charge devs a $2,500 fee per seat AND a 25% cut (!!!) of your gross receipts. That includes revenue from any source, including advertising, sponsorships, endorsements and plain old sales. Add in Google/Apple's cut and that's just under 50% taken right off the top of your income. It would be almost impossible to turn a profit developing with the Unreal UDK unless you were consistently creating runaway hits ala Angry Birds. The mobile space is getting incredibly tight, too many middlemen with their hands out.
  • You're reading it wrong. If you're making a game to sell to an end user it's a 99 dollar fee plus 25% above $5000, so if your game doesn't sell over %5000 you're only out the $99. The $2500 is for devs who are using it internally without selling a finished product to an end user. Basically since they won't have a chance at royalties they charge a high up front cost to make up the difference and if they do get a chance to earn royalties the upfront cost is low, because if you make a hit they can make more later. So if you churn out a couple $5000 dollar games a year you could still pay your bills, and if it goes over $5000 you only pay 25% on whats above $5000, so if you sell $5001, you only pay 25% of $1.However if you made a blockbuster and sold $100,000, Google would get $30,000, that would leave you $70,000, then the UDK would take %25 of $65,000 (remember the first $5000 isn't touched) which would be $16,250, leaving you with $48,750. Then of course Uncle Same will want his cut if you are in the US... So long story short yes it sucks, but I still think it's possible to make some good cash with the Unreal 3 engine, but it will involve some serious cringing when you pay out everybody's cut.