The Uncertain is a sci-fi adventure-puzzle game set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has wiped itself out and only robots remain. Developed by Russian indie game developer Comon Games, The Uncertain Episode One: The Last Quiet Day boasts pretty amazing graphics and set pieces as players explore and discover the story as they play. It officially releases today for the NVIDIA Shield Android TV, and is available from the Google Play Store for $14.99.

After humanity drove itself to extinction in the 22nd century, robots rose up and became self-sufficient on their own. As their artificial intelligence continued to evolve, so too did their society, as each robot found a field of work to suit their own abilities. Slowly but steadily the robots created a new civilization on Earth, remaining vigilant to avoid past human mistakes.

You control Model RT-217NP, an advanced robot inventor. His role in society is to search out the remains for electronic devices and then repurposes them to serve his fellow robots. During his searches he often comes across human artifacts, which has sparked his curiosity into what precisely happened to humanity. However, there's an imposed ban on studying the history of the human race by the robots' shadowy creator, the USS Corporation.

Developed for PC via Steam Greenlight, The Uncertain has been ported over to the NVIDIA Shield Android TV to take advantage of its abilities to provide an AAA gaming experience on an Android platform. The game is also scheduled for a mobile release on other Android devices later this year.

Check out the trailer video below.