Uber's new logo and branding are a celebration of cities

Uber has unveiled a new logo and branding, and has updated its app with a brand new icon to reflect this. While the Uber app works just as it has, the company hopes that this new branding will reflect how the company has evolved over the years, celebrating the cities in which the company operates.

Uber has broken down its new branding into three areas: the logotype, the "bit", and the "atom". The new logotype is meant to help you identify the Uber brand from a distance, and is meant to reflect a more mature company. The "bit" is a small square that is becoming a central part of Uber's branding. It's at the center of the new logo, and appears throught Uber's website for buttons, menus, and more.

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The "atom" is Uber's way of using colors and patterns to celebrate the different countries in which it operates. From Uber:

The old Uber was black and white, somewhat distant and cold. This belied what Uber actually is—a transportation network, woven into the fabric of cities and how they move. To bring out this human side—the atoms—we've added color and patterns. The team has spent months researching architecture, textiles, scenery, art, fashion, people and more to come up with authentic identities for the countries where Uber operates.

This framework is meant to make it easier for Uber to develop branding and logos for new products in the future. It will also broaden on existing products over time, with elements like "atoms" being redefined not just for countries, but individual cities as well. You can see this new branding and icon when you download the latest Uber app update, which should roll out soon on the Google Play Store.

Source: Uber