We've had our hands on a bunch of car chargers in the past, many of them supporting Quick Charge 2.0. The real drawback being that you're limited to a single port that provides the technology. TYLT's new Y-Charge QUIK Car Charger is making the change, cramming 4.8A (48W) inside its goofy build for a quick boost in battery life while you hit the road.

The Y-Charge Quik Car Charger should happily fit in most cigarette lighter ports, measuring 3.7 x 2.4 x 0.7-inches. It's wrapped in a soft, rubbery coating that's easy handle whether you're plugging in or taking it out. Of course, with this coating comes fingerprints... lots of fingerprints. Depending on what passengers need a jump in juice, you can rotate it to your desired position. And, since TYLT doesn't include any microUSB cables with the charger, you'll need to use your own.

While both USB ports have the capability to push Quick Charge speeds, one will still get a faster rate than the other. With my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and regular Galaxy S6 plugged in, both recognized a fast charger was connected, yet Ampere showed one going at a slightly quicker pace. In the end, it all depends on your specific device's safety net. It'll recognize all rapid, turbo, fast and quick charge devices.

Still, the real advantage here is that either port will quickly and efficiently revitalize your battery — taking the guesswork out of choosing the fastest output to roll with. There aren't any built-in charging lights to visually approximate each device's progress, but that alone isn't a real deal breaker. The TYLT Y-Charge Quik Car Charger comes in black or blue color options, and is built extremely well for a compact travel companion. If you're rocking more than one device with fast charge tech, and are comfortable with dropping $39.99 on a new charger, it's one worth checking out.

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