Twitter's new prompt lets you know when a conversation might kill your vibe

Twitter Intense Conversation Prompt
Twitter Intense Conversation Prompt (Image credit: Twitter)

What you need to know

  • Twitter is testing a new feature that will warn users when a conversation might get intense.
  • The prompt will remind users to communicate respectfully within a potentially headed topic.
  • It will appear for Twitter users on iOS and Android, and the company will continuously update criteria.

Twitter's latest move to help encourage better engagement on the app involves warning users against engaging with certain conversations.

The company announced the new feature for iOS and the best Android phones on Wednesday. The prompt will warn users when a certain conversation might lead to a heated or intense discussion.

When clicking on the prompt, it will pull up guidelines to help users navigate the conversation respectfully.

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The feature was teased in late September along with several other features and initiatives that the platform is testing and rolling out.

Social media can be a rough place to navigate, and Twitter has been on a mission to help users Tweet and engage more. Keeping users away from heated conversations could be one way to encourage a safer space for users to feel more comfortable.

It's unclear how Twitter determines when to show this prompt, but it notes that it may not always get it right.

The criteria we use to determine which conversations will show this prompt may change as we learn from this test.We may consider the Tweet topic and the relationship between the Tweet author and replier.

Recently, Twitter launched Communities, which functions like Facebook Groups, allowing users to join in on topics they like, including space, crypto, skincare, and more.

These spaces should help to encourage more healthy engagement between users with similar interests, although for now, Communities are invite-only.

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  • So nice of them. First tell me what my political views should be, now this....what's next? What my next haircut should be? Twitter has become a giant junk pile of a joke.
  • Not only Twitter, Facebook (Instagram), Reddit, you name it, bit tech, media and social network companies are the MiniTru, what happened this week with Facebook's services revealed how dependent and even addicted people are to stay online, now add the fact they only want to you do certain things the way they allow it and you got "1984". With this plandemic people are saying the "poison" has microchips, but I've been telling people that it's not true, we've been carrying those "chips" for long time already, they can see, hear, locate us, know that we say to others by chat apps, I mean, this is an already conspired distopian world and to be honest most people aren't ready for what's coming, and it's surely also no any of the Q crap BS, the sheep will be alligned the few really aware and awaken will be chased like rats.
  • Total stupidity. I see no need for this.
  • Just one more form of herd control...