Twitter updated with improved reply screen, tweet sharing via DM

The official Twitter for Android app has been updated with two small but notable improvements today -- a new reply screen and the ability to share tweets to direct messages. In version 4.1.3, the new reply screen resembles closely the general "compose tweet" screen with the ability to add location and pictures right from the window. Twitter says this makes it "easier to join conversations", but really it just means you get the same features when replying to a tweet as you do when composing one stand-alone.

Additionally, when you hit the share button on any given tweet in the app, you now have the option to share it as a direct message (DM) to another user rather than retweet and mention that user publicly. Once selecting the sharing option, you just type in a user name, add any additional words (up to 140 characters, of course) and send it off.

The latest version of Twitter for Android can be downloaded from the Play Store link above.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • ... and STILL no in-app browser... Posted via Android Central App
  • I prefer Falcon Pro and Carbon but I like the crispness of the text in the official app. If Twitter added inline image previews and in-app browser with readbility or other mobilizer support I wouldn't need a 3rd party client at all.
  • This. Lack of inline image viewing keeps me off the official app.
  • Agree lack of that and a in line browser too..its what I love about falcon pro, everything can be done within the app, dont have to leave app to view a link or video etc Posted via Android Central App
  • It also fixes the nasty bug that many were suffering since the last update where the timeline wouldn't load and the app only showed the spinning circle infinitely. On my HTC One it is fixed and I assume on other phones as well.
  • It's added its very own new bug in the form of a persistent number on my connect @ tab (I suppose indicating unread tweets). Posted via Android Central App
  • Anybody else finding that it's no longer possible to share tweets (and the links contained inside them) with Pocket? The option just isn't there anymore.
  • I dig it. Posted via Android Central App