Twitter starts allowing image uploads from their mobile site for Android 4.x users

As if we needed any further indications that Twitter is moving away from third party clients, a new addition to their mobile website seems to have recently appeared. First spotted by the guys over at The Sociable, the mobile tweet composer now has an image upload button tucked in the bottom left hand corner. The catch, it seems the new feature is only available to users on Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. It apparently also works on iOS 6 -- not that we'd know anything about that around these parts. 

It works just as you would expect it to. You tap the icon, and you're presented with the standard Android sharing window that will allow you to choose from whichever gallery you please. Also, we're seeing an option labelled as "Android System" which in fact allows you to upload a picture directly taken from the camera. 

While adding functionality is something that Twitter should actively be doing, it still isn't likely to go any part of the way to replacing many users favorite third-party clients. The mobile site is still too clunky to navigate -- much like their official Android app. 

Source: The Sociable via TNW

Richard Devine