Twitter buys TweetDeck - what's the fate of the Android clients?

According to reports from Tech Crunch, Twitter has acquired TweetDeck, at a cost of about $50 million.  Congrats go out to the TweetDeck team for the know-how and ability to create such a lucrative piece of work, and we all look forward to your next project.  But after all the back-patting and opening of the bubbly, how will this affect us as Android users?

TweetDeck is a really popular cross platform application, using Adobe Air on the desktop as well as having Android and iOS apps.  It's touted as posting over 1 million tweets per day on Android alone, so a lot of users seem to like it just the way it is.  The native Twitter client for Android, on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired in many folks eyes.  Will we see a mash-up of the two?  Will one or the other get dropped?  And what about TweetDeck's support for other networks like Google Buzz or Facebook?  There's a lot of what-ifs to be considered, but in the end the question is simple -- will this make TweetDeck for Android better, or worse?  Vote away!

Source: Tech Crunch

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • it hasnt been as good as plume, for me, and was gonna revert back to plume for my daily tweeting... really hate when something like this happens.
  • Still a happy Plume user. But I have to wonder if they'll leave Tweetdeck alone or if Twitter will strip out all the Facebook/Buzz stuff. That'd get people to leave in droves.
  • I sure hope that Tweetdeck doesn't get changed too much. I've become quite accustomed to it and I love how customizable it is. I probably use Tweetdeck to post to facebook more often than I use the dedicated facebook app, so if Twitter takes facebook integration out, I will certainly be leaving, just like MowDownJoe said. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, I say
  • I am not sure they are going to change it yet. I think this was more strategic to keep it out of the hands of uber media. They may change it down the road though.
  • Maybe they will toss out their in-house product and adopt this one.
    After all, you pay that much for something, you better get something out of it besides just warding off some mythical media moguls. I still don't understand how twitter makes any money, let alone $50million in spare change, just by providing free services with no advertising to provide revenue.
  • Don't they charge use by companies and celebrities, which is effectively advertising for them?
  • 1) The "promoted tweets" are actually advertisements.
    2) Twitter is free to use by everyone (including celebs and corps.)
    3) More advertisements are to come.
    4) Twitter is currently a money pit, only kept afloat by investors.
  • I use Seesmic :) Well, Twitter makes money and will be making even more. The news about Osama's death were given/spread on Twitter. This is just exploding.
  • True, but who paid a dime to twitter for that news?
  • Tweetdeck could be the most valuable app I use on both my desktop and my bolt. Has been for a very long time. I'm terrified those days are numbered. Twitter bought Tweetdeck because it couldn't control Tweetdeck. Can't end up a good thing.
  • Im sorry if i sound rude. But you write 140 charectors and read tweets. Whats wrong with the regular app?
  • I'll take this one. The official client, despite what it says, does not hold your place in the tweetstream when you go back to the app. It doesn't integrate Twitter and Facebook updates in the same stream - well, it doesn't have Facebook at all. It doesn't allow multiple accounts. It doesn't let you have columns for multiple lists. It doesn't let you set specific columns to update on different schedules (i.e, 5 minutes for direct messages, 2 hours for a specific search.) In fact, it doesn't let you access any of your saved searches. Tweetdeck does all of these things, plus Google Buzz (for the few people who may care about that), plus probably other things that I do not use. Maybe these things mean nothing to you, but that doesn't mean that these features would be missed if Twitter decides that only the official client will be in the market.
  • I don't even like using tweetdeck, it's totally uninteresting to me. TweetCaster is a far better twitter app than it.
  • I've pretty much tried every twitter app and go back to Plume each time; for me it does everything I want and need. I use Tweetdeck on my laptop and love it, but found the tweetdeck for Android to be almost unusable for me.
  • More people use tweetdeck than any other client out there. Twitter couldn't ignore the best forever, but it does worry me that my go to facebook client could be compromised. Fingers crossed that they leave well enough alone.
  • I started using Tweetdeck as a Facebook client that happened to also include some twitter feeds. So if they strip that out I'm very much leaving.
  • I really like Tweetdeck, I use it on my pc, galaxy s and the Chrome plug-in on my wifes laptop. I'm really hoping that Twitter leave the Tweetdeck dev team alone to carry on doing what they do best.
  • I really hope that twitter is just trying to get some of their traffic back with this one, third-party apps account for more traffic than twitter itself. If they shut it down or make changes I guarantee it can't be good. On Android I don't even use the mobile or app versions of Facebook or Twitter because they are rubbish and with TweetDeck I can access all social networks with one app and it does it very well. I also use TweetDeck on my PC all day long. Honestly, if it goes away I probably won't be using Facebook or Twitter at all.
  • The standard Twitter app sucks, I wouldn't be surprised if Twitter takes this and wrecks it too, Tweetdeck is probably the best one I use (besides HTC Peep).
  • The big thing making me use Tweetcaster is being able to save and switch between multiple accounts. I have a personal account and one for my business, and I don't like having to enter my username and password every time.
  • I'll wait to see if there's gonna be a change to TweetDeck. I'm all about trying new Twitter clients but I always end up going back to Plume.
  • If a company develops a product so good that another company wants it then why the heck is twitter screwing up these products. Are they failing to bring the engineers on that developed it, are they just clueless? I will stay away from anything they acquire until they can prove they have a viable client worth using.