There's nothing worse than reaching for a cable to charge your device only to realize it's tangled up with some other cables, headphones, and more. The time spent untangling everything is time that you aren't charging or syncing your stuff, and honestly it's just a waste. Put an end to this with a 3-pack of Twelve South CableSnaps in Marsala. Normally, these sell for about $20, and right now the black and gold options are selling for $16.99, while the blue is still at full price.

Stop the messssss

Twelve South CableSnap 3-Pack

This could be one of the easiest and most stylish ways to help keep your ever-growing cable collection neat and organized. At this price, each one costs just over $4, so don't miss out.

$13.21 $20 $7 Off

Being made from genuine leather, these are designed to last and withstand your usage. Each one has a snap that keeps the cable secured in, and a belt loop built-in so that you can run the cable through it so that when you're using the cable you don't misplace the CableSnap. There are two different sizes included here, a large one that is made to hold your charging cables and a smaller one that is better suited for smaller earbud cords and the like.

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Whether you are someone who travels a lot or just likes to keep their desk organized at all times, these CableSnaps are a must-have, especially at this price. While you're at it, why not pick up the Inspire: Mac Candle No. 2 to have around for just $14.99, the lowest price we've ever seen for it!

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