Even with all the Droid Incredible news floating around the intertubes, we know there's always room for more -- especially when the news is great and includes video!  Some of the fellas from HTC dropped by the Wirefly offices to show off the TV out feature of the newest member of the Android family.  From the video, it looks as easy as plugging in the cable and
turning on your display.  The output quality doesn't look bad either.  A great feature on a great phone, and one I hope catches on in the smartphone market.

I haven't been able to find anyone selling cables specific for the Droid Incredible yet, but I imagine they won't be far behind.  I'd suggest checking with your local Verizon wireless store, at least until companies like Monster Cable start cranking out the high quality/low signal loss
expensive versions.  If you've run across any, shout out in the comments! [via Wirefly]