<img class="lightbox image-large" right size-full wp-image-924" title="picture-12" src="/articleimages/2008/11/picture-12.png" alt="" width="248" height="247" />Score one... er, G1... for the toddlers! Some creative developers have succeeded in rendering a sophisticated G1 into a baby's plaything. Available in the Android Market, Toddler Lock let's your child (or anyone else's child, if you dare hand over your G1) conjure up random shapes, colors and sounds on your G1's touchscreen with just some taps and swipes. This could very well be entertaining for some adults too!

Toddler Lock requires pressing three buttons simultaneously to deactivate to avoid errant data entry (or loss) while your G1 is a toddler's toy, but it can also serve as a creative and fun way to secure your data from adults unfamiliar with your 3-button combination.

Check out a video provided by Rob Jackson over at phandroid.com and then just make sure your toddler isn't teething before you hand over your G1!