Tunein Radio app now compatible with Ford SYNC; control over 50,000 stations with voice commands

Just as we saw yesterday with the NPR Android app, the Tunein Radio app joins the growing list of applications that are compatible with Ford SYNC AppLink.  The TuneIn application allows people listen to more than 50,000 AM, FM, HD and Internet radio stations as well as more than 1 million on-demand programs.  All hands-free via Ford SYNC AppLink.  This is the future, folks.  No word on exactly when the Android app will be updated, but the iTunes app should go live soon, and we expect the Android app to follow shortly.  Hit the break for the full press release.

TuneIn Radio App to Offer Drivers 50,000+ Global Stations Through Voice-Controlled Ford SYNC AppLink

  • TuneIn Radio app will offer drivers more than 50,000 AM, FM, HD and Internet radio stations featuring music, sports and news from around the world
  • The addition of the TuneIn Radio app to the growing list of available apps for SYNC® reflects Ford’s commitment to keep pace with customer desires and consumer electronics trends

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2012 – The in-car listening options for Ford vehicles equipped with SYNC® AppLink will soon grow by more than 50,000 when TuneIn Radio joins the list of smartphone apps that are compatible with the system.

Ford and Palo Alto, Calif.-based TuneIn announced at the 2012 International CES that the TuneIn Radio app will be available for use with vehicles equipped with SYNC AppLink, and will provide drivers with another listening option that can be controlled hands-free through voice commands.

AppLink builds on the award-winning SYNC connectivity system by enabling drivers to access and control apps on their smartphones by simply using their voice, allowing their hands to stay on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

“Smartphone apps have ingratiated themselves into the lives of consumers to such a degree that we have come to depend on them for much of our news and entertainment,” said Doug VanDagens, global director of Ford Connected Services. “With the addition of TuneIn, SYNC is reflecting that trend while dramatically increasing the global listening choices for Ford drivers.”

TuneIn is a free service that lets people listen to live local and global music, sports, talk and news by offering more than 50,000 AM, FM, HD and Internet radio stations along with more than 1 million on-demand programs streaming from all corners of the world.

Using voice commands only, drivers of SYNC-equipped vehicles can control TuneIn and perform such tasks as search and listen to radio stations worldwide by artist or genre. For example, by saying, “Explore genre,” users can select hundreds of genres of music or talk stations like classic rock or German talk. Users also can search geographically by saying “Explore location.” TuneIn will then rank the most popular stations from the chosen location and start playing. More than 250 locations from around the world can be accessed via voice control.

“TuneIn captivates people by offering unprecedented access to listen to anything they want from local talk radio to live sports to music,” said John Donham, CEO of TuneIn. “With TuneIn, Ford drivers can now more easily enjoy the world’s audio from their favorite hometown stations to broadcasts half a world away – making listening even more global and personal.”

TuneIn is available in 10 languages and on more than 150 devices across all major smartphones and tablets, connected home stereos, smart TVs, car dashboards and online at www.tunein.com . The SYNC-enabled version of TuneIn Radio soon will be available through the iTunes App Store.

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