Trump's Twitter clone 'Truth Social' goes live, but good luck joining

Truth Social Apple App Store
Truth Social Apple App Store (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Donald Trump's social media app has finally launched on iOS.
  • Truth Social looks nearly identical to Twitter, which he was banned from in 2021.
  • The app has already suffered a major outage, and new users are being waitlisted.

Donald Trump has finally launched his long-awaited Truth Social app this week, and early reports don't paint too a pretty picture for the social media app, even if the reviews suggest differently.

The app was created as a response to the former U.S. president being suspended from major social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. These platforms have been criticized by some for their moderation policies in the wake of political unrest amid the 2020 election and the misinformation around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Truth Social notably looks nearly identical to Twitter, from the profile designs to the "Truth Feed," with posts that feature buttons similar to Twitter's Retweet, Like, and Share buttons.

Truth Social App Official Screenshots

Source: Apple App Store (Image credit: Source: Apple App Store)

Truth Social describes itself as a "Big Tent" social media platform that "encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology," at least according to its Apple App Store listing (opens in new tab).

Since its debut on Sunday night, the app managed to top the charts on Apple's App Store, gaining a 4.1 rating among more than 11,000 reviews. However, that's where the praise ends, as the app was almost immediately hit with a 13-hour outage and plenty of glitches, as reported by The Washington Post. There also appears to be a mighty lengthy waitlist that tops 400,000 according to CNN.

And if you're interested in downloading the app on any of the best Android phones, it seems you'll have to wait even longer as the Android version isn't yet available and is currently listed as "coming soon."

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  • That's fine, you couldn't pay me to join.
  • It's pretty cool and I don't have to worry about fascists censoring me. There is a wait list though which is actually a good thing as they're trying to root out all the bots.
  • Lmao...I give it 3 months... Just enough time to collect all sorts of donations and other cash from all the mental giants.
  • I'm sticking with Gab. It's a proven product, backed by years of having to become self-sufficient, and like it or not, they really allow free speech. I no longer trust social apps available through "stores;" inevitably, somebody else holds their reins.
  • A perfect place for the 74 million deplorables to spew their hate filled nonsense, lies and conspiracy BS! Why don't they move permanently onto an island far out in the pacific and enjoy their Trump Island? Or maybe Putin gives them a piece of Siberia! Plenty of room there and since they love him so much, the perfect place!
  • It's funny it used to be having a difference of opinion was fine....... Now it's devolved into this.
  • Im a lifelong Democrat but there have been several Republican presidents I've actually liked. Trump isnt one of them. When a guy trys to set aside a legal election to maintain power like a dictator then he doesn't deserve a second chance and since when has the Republican party ever been tolerant of opposing views?
  • "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." - William F. Buckley This is why alt-tech is rising. Sadly, it's just creating echo chambers for all sides.
  • That was Mr Buckleys opinion and he was entitled to it. However he was wrong. I completely support the two party system. It keeps government answerable to the people. Without two parties you have oligarchy with the one party answerable only to itself.
  • The old scoundrel is like a bad case of clap. Just keeps coming back.
  • I give it 2 months.....hopefully less
  • So... "Social Media is the devil, so let's clone one platform and make money out of the fools that will follow me", that's what HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED said 🤣