Donald Trump sues Google, Facebook and Twitter

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Update, July 7 (11:20 am ET): Donald Trump is filing a major class action lawsuit against Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

What you need to know

  • Former President Donald Trump is planning to sue Facebook and Twitter.
  • The annoucement is to come at 11 a.m. during a press conference.
  • Twitter and Facebook banned the former president after riots on Capitol Hill in early January.

Former President Donald Trump is planning to sue Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, according to Axios.

Sources familiar with the matter told the publication that this will raise the stakes in his battle against the companies that blocked him.

Trump plans to host a press conference at 11 a.m today, during which he plans to announce the class-action lawsuits.

Android Central reached out to Facebook and Twitter, but neither company responded to a comment in time for publication.

Twitter permanently banned Trump following the riots that took place on Capitol Hill a couple of weeks before President Joe Biden's inauguration in January 2021.

Facebook suspended the former president's account, and in early June said that he would be banned from the site for two years.

Trump has struggled to stay connected to his followers with both bans, and even tried to stay afloat with a blog-style platform called "From the Desk of Donald J. Trump," but he later shut it down.

Update, July 7 (11:20am ET) ― Former President Donald Trump is suing Facebook, Twitter, and Google to stop 'illegal censorship'

Trump has filed a major class action lawsuit against Google, Facebook, and Twitter, in conjunction with the America First Policy Institute. The lawsuit seeks an "immediate halt" on social media companies' "illegal censorship of the American people."

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  • I should think there is ample evidence of the lies and misinformation he spreads to keep him banned in perpetuity. That is before you even discuss insurrection.
  • So Facebook and Twitter should be arbiters of truth? And I don't know how a bunch of unarmed people count as insurrectionists when they had no goal of overthrowing the government and had zero chance of doing it.
  • So you don't think a private business has the right to choose who they do and don't serve? Must be one of those lefty liberals.
  • So you never read the agreements you sign before ever being allowed to post anything to these private servers?
  • Apparently those rights only apply to bakeries refusing to serve LGBTQ customers. You can't do it to racist grandpas.
  • Yes, just as that business should not have been force to go against its wishes which were based on their religious rights and property rights, Twitter, Facebook and Google should not be limited in enforcing the rules of the property they own. Liberals were wrong in the bakery case. Conservatives are wrong in social media cases.
  • Facebook has community guidlines which Mr Trump agreed to when he set up his account. He's got no complaint. Facebook et al have the right to draw lines about what content shows up on THEIR venue.
  • Property rights. That's all this comes down too.
  • I don't believe you were able to type that on your own.
  • Those people specifically stormed the Capitol, broke into it, with every intent on stopping the certification of a free and fair election to keep their guy in power. That is the very legal definition of an insurrection. It doesn't have to be armed to be one (although some insurrectionists arrested had guns on their person). They also chanted "hang Pence" and "hang Pelosi".
  • Unarmed? That claim of them being unarmed has been debunked, several times. Plus, they destroyed public and private property, stole government property, trespassed, vandalized assaults on law enforcement personnel and mny other crimes. I don't care what kind of chance they didn't have, the attempt to commit a crime is a crime in itself. You have heard of "attempted murder" right? Many of the rioters has admitted it was Trumps words that inspired them to invade the Capital building. Those companies have the right to make requirements for the use of their property. The first amendment protections do not extend to personal and private corporations property and Donald Trump agreed to all the Terms of Service. They warned him over and over again about comments that were a violation of their ToS. Now since he can't get his way in breaking the rules he agreed to adhere to he now wants to go around the Constitution and violate property rights. Property right... Now he's getting in the bed with liberals, who hates property rights. Go figure.
  • Just SLAPP him... SLAPP him now!
  • Trump goes "Waaahhh" 😭😭
  • LOL good luck
  • President of the United States for 4 years, for a party that claims to revere the Constitution... and yet he still doesn't even understand the 1st Amendment... SAD
  • Luckily he is just a fat lazy slob like the rest of us again.
  • You would think the Orange Chicken would spend his time finding a good team of lawyers if Wieselberg decide to sing like a canary. But I guess this is a good distraction and to get some cheap pop from the trumpanzees.
  • I wouldn't worry too much about Trump. He'll probably spend the last of his "golden" years in a cage somewhere where he belongs. LOL
  • Why is Trump still given any publicity? He failed in his "voter registration fraud" claims and he'll fail in suing Google, Facebook and Twitter.
  • It's a cult. When you have conservatives look right at the videos of the Capital riots and all they see are "people that love America" you know we are in cult territory.
  • The dumpster fire continues to burn another day
  • While I fully support suing Big Tech into oblivion and I maintain both Ayatollah Dorsey and Zuckerberg should long have been put behind bars, I doubt this will go anywhere. Had he sued them in Europe, he'd have an easy win. In the US? Doubtful. Unless Justice Clarence Thomas' opinions on it convinces his colleagues, the USSC will likely uphold the WRONG reading of the US Constitution that claims the 1st Amendment only applies to the Government and not private companies and thusly they can curtail or plain disregard what is a Human Right.
    If I were in Trump's legal team, I wouldn't seek to sue based solely on a 1st Amendment violation, but rather on a violation of the 1st Amendment in consonance with Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which the USA and every company operating within its borders are bound to. Article 19 declares Free Speech a Human Right which can't be interfered with. If your business deal in communication, you are the one limited on what you can and can't do by the Law. Not the other way around. No matter how private your company is, you don't have the power to negate anyone their human right to free speech. And for the tools who think that there's no attack on Free Speech by Big Tech and "companies have Terms of Service, they can do what they want"...well, not only you're just wrong, you should remember this: your time will come. All these corporations need to decide is that their best interests next is to silence YOU. Then you'll cry wolf.
    You people, drunk by your hatred towards Trump, currently, are the person in Martin Niemöller's poem.
  • Almost every single court case that has ever been brought up before the courts have sided with a website's Terms of Service. Your rant here is just wrong.
  • Well... sounds like Colin Kaepernick has a good chance of a lawsuit on the NFL, huh? Dude you just killed property rights, not just businesses but also the private citizen. Your argument means I can't regulate my household. Property rights is the foundation of liberty as individual liberty begins with self ownership. You need to go back to the drawing board. Don't let your God worshiping of Trump get you opening Pandora's Box into totalitarianism. Just like with Hitler, Mao, Mussolini, Lenin... It all starts with the cult of personality.
  • I take it you're a Trump supporter? Anyway he has some points, in the UK, especially news outlets with comments threads, you can't say certain things or you'll be censored and have your comment deactivated.
  • LOL. The Constitution doesn't give you a right to be on a private social media website. It's a grift to scare his supporters and to take more money from them.