Longtime front runner in the travel app space TripIt is releasing a fresh update to its Android app today that includes Android Wear support. With the latest update, TripIt users will get all of the time-sensitive travel info they need right on their Android Wear watch, from pre-departure flight updates to gate information and onward travel arrangements when you arrive at your destination.

TripIt Android Wear TripIt Android Wear TripIt Android Wear

TripIt is also leveraging the always-ready nature of Android Wear to introduce its new flight countdown timer, which will show a countdown to when your flight departs, and then a countdown to when the flight lands once you're in the air. TripIt Pro users naturally get even more alerts on their wrist.

TripIt for Android TripIt for Android TripIt for Android TripIt for Android TripIt for Android TripIt for Android

TripIt has been (often rightly) criticized for the less-than-modern design of its Android app, and not a whole lot has changed on that front in this release despite the big feature addition of Android Wear support. There are some subtle design changes in store for you when you grab the latest version of TripIt, including a new floating action button, improved icons, and a new tabbed design to better separate trips and a better first-launch experience.

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The rest of the improvements are more functional than visual, with the new version adding the ability to merge and move plans between trips, and more quickly map locations and find directions.

The latest version of TripIt is now available from Google Play, and if you want to take a look at the free version before deciding on the service you can grab that first as well.