TripCase for Android moves into v2.4.1 - Brings back offline mode, adds combined trips and expense reports

TripCase has rolled out their latest update bumping the app up to v2.4.1. Previously, the offline feature of the app was removed but has now made its triumphant return along with the ability to combine trips and keep better expense reports. If you're not yet familiar with TripCase, it's a pretty awesome app to be packing when travelling.


  • Easily map locations and events in your trip itinerary
  • Share your trip with people you trust on social networks
  • Airplane mode
  • Add trip details from multiple sources
  • Car rental information
  • Hotel descriptions and photos
  • Flight status, delays, cancellations and gate changes
  • See alternate flight schedules

If you opt for the Pro package, you'll get even more features such as SMS alerts, seat maps, airline flight schedules and even a rewards bonus program. With the latest update addressing the offline issue, it's worth checking out especially if you have some holiday travels coming up. Better to be prepared ahead of time with the tools to help you then be left scrambling.

  • It's nice looking....but why does it need read/write access to my contacts list?! It is a travel planner, it should not be browsing through my contacts list with others information in there to possibly be grabbed and sold to someone else. Anyone have a clear answer to this as to why it needs this type of access on my phone?
  • Not sure, but maybe it's for this: "A Connection is someone who you designate to receive information and updates from your TripCase about your trips. At your request, TripCase can send flight arrival status alerts to your Connections to let them know your arrived safely and to help plan for airport pick up. TripCase PRO users can share their full travel itineraries with their designated Connections, including automatically notifying Connections of updates and changes to their itineraries."
  • That's correct. When you choose to share your itinerary or send someone arrival updates you get 3 options on how to add that person: from an existing connection, by email address, or by choosing a contact from your phone. Without that permission, the app wouldn't be able to read the contacts on your phone.
  • I can understand that, but why the write access?
  • I believe it is just an oversight that Read AND Write access is requested. We will look into removing the write access request from the applications permission manifest. Thanks for the catch! The previous posts are correct in that we request permission so you may add your existing phone contacts to share your flight updates and itinerary updates.
  • I used to love this app, but TripIt just improved so much that it's hard to go back. The only thing I hate about TripIt is that it keeps running in the background (even after I exit and log out of the app).
  • Sorry to hear that blastmaster. I hope we can continue to improve the app and earn you back as a user. Have you tried our latest version? We'd love for you to give it a try and provide feedback that would help us make the app better.