New Touch to Search feature to be rolling out in Chrome

Some users are noticing the ability to highlight text in Chrome on their Android devices and get access to other search results without leaving the page they are on. The new feature, Touch to Search, appears to be hitting devices thanks to a server-side update from Google, but it isn't appearing on all devices just yet. Touch to Search allows users to highlight text and be shown additional search results from Google, just as you would if you had searched the term from Google Search.

This feature is similar in nature to Google's upcoming Now on Tap functionality, but this functionality only works within Chrome, while Now on Tap will work system wide. Google is a bit vague when describing the new functionality to users, with an on screen prompt reading:

Touch to Search sends the selected word and the current page as context to Google Search. You can turn it off in Settings

Right now we are noticing the new feature on the Moto X (2014), but several other devices that we have are not showing the new feature. To check and see if you have it, highlight some text on a website in Chrome and see if the new interface shows up. Users will have to opt-in to the new feature, and permission can be revoked at any time as well.

Are you noticing the new Touch to Search feature on your phone? If so, be sure to let us know which device in the comments below.

Source: +Blake Bryant