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Toshiba to jump into the tablet war

Everyone's heard of the iPad by now, ICD has announced their Gemini tablet, HTC jumps in with their own tablet news, and now Toshiba says they're getting into the battle. It's like the Cold War all over again, but this time instead of mutually assured destruction we'll just have a bunch of broke gadget lovers.

Focusing on media consumption, Toshiba plans on offering tablet versions running Android as well as versions with Windows 7. Along with multiple options for operating systems, they're also looking at different form factors, including a dual-screen version. No specs as of yet, but it's got me interested (as I type from my Toshiba laptop).

Now, could somebody please tell me what to do with a dual-screen tablet computer? [Reuters via Electronista]

  • Man all these rumors about android tablets. when are we actually going to see one on the market!
  • I would assume "dual-screen tablet" means "Microsoft Courier." Microsoft has to be partnering with someone on the hardware, and Toshiba makes the most sense. Courier is a very cool concept, but I think Microsoft's still missing the boat making pen-centric interfaces.
  • Aye we could do with seeing something instead of empty promises. The HP Slate is the only real W7 tablet kicking about. And android one seems like a no-brainer but I hope they use a better touch screen than the current ones. The courier could work but I'm pressed to see exactly where. Mind you it might be one of these devices that once it's out many uses are found for it.
  • So cool,thanks for sharing this!
  • Video chat and game at the same time.
  • dual screen opens up a whole new possibility for gaming, like the Nintendo DS.
    A major problem with tablet is that you want to keep its size as small as possible so that its easy to carry, but you also want to make its screen as big as possible to fit more information at the screen at one time. Dual screen could be the fix to this problem - basically splits one big screen into half so you can fold it and carry around more easily.
    ICD and toshiba are not the only ones creating tablets. Check out WePad, NotionInk Adam, ICD Gemini
  • I still have a Microsoft Courier aspect of my budget accumulating as i have since the sneak peak from GI#@%DO in the fall. It's pen-centric now, yes. But with swype, the pen typing would be SO epic, not to mention i have a tablet convertible pc now, and i use my finger as often as i do my pen - but having the pen is nice, especially for leaving the opportunity to design (like sketching or math) that you don't have with a simple keyboard.