Toshiba NFC memory card

Toshiba has announced full-sized 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB SD memory cards that can shoot thumbnails over to your Android device for a quick preview simply by tapping your device to your camera. 16 thumbnails and available remaining space are shown through the dedicated Memory Card Preview App, though you'll still need to pop the SD card into a computer to get full access to the pictures. As neat as the mash-up of SD and NFC may be, Toshiba announced a Wi-Fi-enabled SD card that sounds decidedly more useful.

Toshiba's Flash Air III will let you access photos on the SD card from your Android and iOS device thanks to the Wi-Fi access point it creates. A unique pass-through feature will allow you to continue to access your local Wi-Fi for internet at the same time as the SD card. Many newer cameras offer this kind of functionality via Wi-Fi Direct out of the box, but it's a nice solution to have if you're with an older camera. I've been using Eyefi for this sort of thing for awhile, and it's really handy.

Toshiba's NFC cards will go on sale starting in February, though there's no mention of price. Meanwhile, the FlashAir III will be available starting in March starting at $79.99. Photographers, how do you use your Android devices while on a shoot?

Source: Toshiba, Toshiba

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