Toshiba, while better known for its laptops and tablets running Windows, has also expanded out into the Android tablet space in recent years. Its Android tablets have generally covered the budget to mid-range space, with a variety of different sizes and form factors, though it hasn't really branched out into the crazier styles like Lenovo and ASUS have. Toshiba brands its tablets under the "Excite" naming, and due to its existing retail deals has had no problem getting them into big box electronics stores.

Leveraging its knowledge of computer making, Toshiba has also made a relative splash in the Chromebook space, with its models hitting the right balance of price, quality and performance. Its second ever Chromebook, the simply named Toshiba Chromebook 2, was one of the first in the budget price arena to come with a really great 1080p IPS display, setting it apart from other cheap units out there with terrible displays.

Though nobody in the West would know it, Toshiba has also dabbled in making Android phones through the years. But considering its relatively minimal impact in the Android world, Toshiba is likely to stick with tablets as its main Android strategy for the near future.