This is amazing. The video above previews the app Torrent Droid which basically serves as a tool that combines unique G1 features, ease-of-use, and resourcefulness into one great application.

So the basic premise of the app is that it has the ability to scan the barcode (UPC) of any item and it'll automatically search for a bittorrent file of that item. It'll download said bittorrent file and then here's the good part, Torrent Droid sends the bittorrent file to your PC for automatic download. Take a look at the video. A pirate's dream? We think so.

Imagine scanning the UPC of a DVD in store. Sending it to your PC and it downloads while you drive home. When you finally get home, it's ready for your viewing pleasure! This is magnificent stuff! And of course, it popped up on Android first.

What do you guys think? Just say no to pirates or is this pretty darn cool?