Tilt 2 Live: Gauntlet's Revenge gives you all the tilting action you could want

Tilt 2 Live: Gauntlet's Revenge is the latest tilt obstacle game from One Man Left. The game uses the accelerometer in your device to let you navigate levels, dodging obstacles and hazards, and enemies along the way, and you can calibrate the controls to fit your style.

The game features three challenging gauntlets, different environments filled with a variety of enemies and obstacles that you must move around to reach the end. Completing the gauntlets, which can be done in whatever order you want. will unlock the final boss level, where you will face the Dot King.

Play time can be extended by participating in bonus rounds at the end of each level. The game also wants to keep you coming back, offering different combinations of enemies and traps each time you revisit a level.

You can choose from Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties to customize you challenge. You can also show off your tilting skills through the game's Google Play leaderboards, where you can show off your achievements.

Tilt 2 Live: Gauntlet's Revenge is available for purchase for $2.99 on the Google Play Store right now.