What you need to know

  • Mobvoi is adding sleep tracking to some of its watches.
  • TicSleep app allows you to leverage the heart rate sensor in the TicWatch Pro and Pro 4G to track your sleep habits.
  • You can also set a smart alarm to send a subtle vibration to wake you during a light sleep portion of your sleep cycle.
  • Mobvoi is also putting the TicWatch Pro and Pro 4G on sale on Amazon, allowing you to get them $50 off.

Mobvoi's smart watches have been some of the better bargains on Android smart watches this year, and the most powerful of the TicWatch line are getting more useful today as TicSleep brings sleep tracking to the TicWatch Pro line of smart watches, allowing you to track your sleep through AL and the watch's heart rate monitor.

TicSleep on the Pro

You can track and monitor your sleep habits through the TicSleep app — available today through the Google Play Store — and set a smart alarm that will shake you awake softly when in a light sleep portion of your sleep cycle. The TicWatch Pro and Pro 4G are the only watches to get TicSleep at the moment, which is a shame because those are by far the bulkiest TicWatches to consider wearing to bed, but sleep tracking is useful and I'm happy to see it coming to more watches.

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If you don't have a TicWatch yet, this is a good time to jump on the train. Mobvoi is also discounting the TicWatch Pro and Pro 4G down to $200 and $280 respectively through an Amazon coupon.

Traditional experience

TicWatch Pro

Simplicity has its perks.

The original Bluetooth-only Pro doesn't have LTE, but it does have better battery life and most of the same features as the 4G version for a lower price. It also has a shiny silver bezel option, which I like over the 4G's all-black.

Next-level smartwatch

TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE

Time to level up.

Looking to take things to the next level with your smartwatch? The TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE has your name written all over it. Leave your phone at home and head out for a run without having to sacrifice your ability to make calls and send texts.

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