What you need to know

  • Back in September, Thrustmaster revealed a new customizable PS4 controller.
  • Today, Thrustmaster has unveiled the price and other details for this controller.
  • The eSwap Pro is now available for preorder for $180, alongside several accessories.

In September, Thrustmaster revealed a new, fully customizable PlayStation 4 controller on Twitter. Today, we now have confirmation of the price, name and other important details. Named the the Thrustmaster eSwap Pro, this controller is set to be available at retail for $180. Using the hot swapping functions, you can change different components out even in the middle of playing a game.

Officially licensed by PlayStation, there's plentiful combinations that are designed to suit your needs, no matter what game you're playing. You can check out the new trailer for the Thrustmaster eSwap Pro in the video below:

In addition to the controller itself, Thrustmaster also has a variety of accessories available, such as an alternate stick, D-pad and more. You can check them (and the controller) out at the official website right here. The release date for the controller is now set for November 5 for most of the world including Europe, Africa, India, Russia, Oceania and more. No mention has been made yet of availability within the U.S.A.

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Ostensibly, you can go ahead and preorder the controller. Right now however, the eSwap Pro controller is only available for preorder in a handful of countries, including the U.K. Additionally, most of these preorder links on the official website through Amazon U.K. aren't live yet. Still, they should be updated fairly soon, so if you're interested in grabbing the controller, check back shortly.

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