B&H has the standard DJI Mavic Pro for $649 today. The sale is part of B&H's DealZone, which means the price is extremely temporary. And it should be because it's really good. The drop to $649 is what we usually see for refurbished units. New versions range between $884 on Amazon and $1,000 at Best Buy.

The deal comes with a lot more than just the drone itself. You'll also get a remote controller, several spare folding propellers including an extra set from DJI that just adds even more value, a gimbal clamp, a battery and charger, and a 16GB microSD card. You may want a larger microSD card for recording all your adventures.

The newest DJI Mavic 2 Pro quadcopter is out these days, but it is nearly twice the price on Amazon. The DJI Mavic Pro original is still a great drone, especially for the price. It's super lightweight, at only 1.6 pounds, and can be folded down for extreme portability. You can stick it in your backpack and take it anywhere. When it's ready to fly, just unfold it and it's good to go.

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It has a four mile operating range, which means you can fly it farther than you can see it. It flies up to 40 miles per hour. The battery is good for 27 minutes, and this bundle comes with two extra so you can fly for a long time in one setting. The camera can capture 4K and 1080p resolution shots while using stabilization features to keep the pictures clear. There's a smartphone app that syncs with the camera for photography and first-person piloting.

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