Turn your home into a smart home with the $150 SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

Right now you can get the SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit for $150 (opens in new tab), which comes with a hub. Or you can get the SmartThings Smart Home Hub by itself for just $50 (opens in new tab). The hub normally sells between $80-100 and rarely drops past that. This sale for $50 is its lowest price since last year's Black Friday deals.

The Home Monitoring Kit (opens in new tab) normally sells around $200. Although it fluctuates pretty frequently, this $150 price point is its 2nd lowest price this year. The kit includes the hub, two multipurpose sensors (opens in new tab), one motion sensor (opens in new tab), and one outlet plug (opens in new tab). All of these bought individually, even with the hub on sale for $50, add up to $206.

Hubs like this act as the "brain" of any smart home. As you start adding more smart features, like a thermostat or smart plugs, you want to be able to control all of them at once. The hub lets you connect everything to it and then control them from one single place. The home monitoring kit can use that hub to connect all of your appliances, monitor your home and notify you when anything unexpected happens. The SmartThings Hub works with Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth, and other wireless protocols like ZigBee.

The Samsung SmartThings Hub is one of the best reviewed smart hubs out there. Tom's Guide called it the Best Smart Home Hub in 2017. PC Mag named it their Editor's Choice, gave it 4.5 stars out of 5, and called it "one of the most versatile home automation hubs around."

Add a smart bulb or two (opens in new tab) to the kit to control your lights or a motion sensor (opens in new tab) if you need to cover more rooms.

If you want to invest in a smart home hub but don't need all the accessories, you could always start with an Amazon Echo Dot (opens in new tab). It can work as a hub for a lot cheaper, especially with Alexa-enabled smart devices.

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