Ring's new Smart Lighting system is finally starting to come out, and if you want to build your smart lighting ecosystem you can invest in the Ring Spotlight 2-pack for just $99.99 right now. That's a pre-order because the lights will be released in early March. Get them in white or black.

You can also get a single spotlight in white or black for just $39.99. The 2-pack above comes with the Ring Bridge, though, which allows you to connect all your Ring products together and merge them with your smart home ecosystem so you can control it all with your voice.

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We broke down all the information you need to know about Ring's new Smart Lighting system when it was first introduced at CES. Essentially this will be a series of fully modular lights, including path lights, floodlights, and more. You'll be able to connect them all together, communicate with them, customize the settings, and more. Start with these spotlights and add as much or as little as you need to make sure your home is covered in motion-detecting long-lasting lights.

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