This $100 Philips Hue starter kit has two color smart bulbs and a hub

This Philips Hue two color bulbs starter kit (opens in new tab) is only $99.99 on Amazon. This is a new kit that released at a $150 price in early July. We've only seen it drop this low once before. Considering individual bulbs cost about $50 right now (opens in new tab) and this kit comes with the bridge that is essential to the Philips Hue setup, that's a good price.

The starter kit comes with two Philips Hue white and color A19 60W equivalent LED smart bulbs, the Philips Hue hub, and a three-year warranty. The A19 bulbs can choose from more than 16 million colors and shades. Once you connect the bulbs to the hub, you can connect the hub to your smart home ecosystem and control it all with just your voice. The hub can support up to 50 bulbs as well, so you can keep adding onto the system. You'll be able to use the free app to control your lights. These kits have 4.2 stars based on over 538 reviews (opens in new tab).

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John Levite
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  • Why are the smart bulbs always so dim? 60w equivalent is ridiculous. I have non smart LED bulbs that are 100w equivalent. I did replace one room with the 60w, now my wife complains that the room is to dark. That is with 8 of them on at one time, in one room.
  • Lol. But....But....They are 400% more efficient! It's just that you have to use 8 of them to get the same amount of light output.....