The Nekteck USB-C 45W Power Delivery port 12W USB-A port car charger is down to $16.99 on Amazon. That's down from a street price of $22 and marks the first major discount for this car charger in more than a year.

Just what you need

Nekteck USB-C Power Delivery car charger

A nice chunk off the price of a very powerful little device. You can even keep your Switch charged on the road with this thing.

$16.99 $22 $5 Off

With a 45W Power Delivery USB-C port, this car charger is powerful enough to charge standard smartphones, tablets, or even a MacBook Pro. The additional USB-A port can be used simultaneously with the USB-C port, too, so you can charge more than one device. This works with both Apple and Android devices like the PixelBook or even the Nintendo Switch. Users give it 4.4 stars based on 122 reviews.

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